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The Many Revolutionary Hairstyles of Prince | Makeup Tutorials

When an icon like Prince passes away, the world never gets over it or moves past it. Instead, we learn to deal with the loss of an individual such as himself, one who embodied creative individuality and confidence. Because his passing is still so fresh, we’re not past the point of recapping his many achievements in music, fashion, and yup, beauty. Prince’s iconic hairstyles defined a generation and genre of music. To pay tribute to the man whose legacy will forever be felt, here are his most unforgettable hairstyles.

The Many Revolutionary Hairstyles of Prince

It’s no doubt that Prince was a musical legend and fashion icon. Fluent in over 27 instruments and known for merging various genres to create a unique symphony of sound, Prince was also known for his over-the-top, overtly-sexual, androgynous style. He was no stranger to heels, eyeliner, and the occasional bikini bottom. Remember his first TV appearance? When he rocked zebra print bikini bottoms and thigh high boots? STUD. After years of continuously impressing and leaving his audience speechless, Prince’s name became synonymous with eccentricity, innovation, and sexuality.

When Prince passed away April 21st, the world was left in shock. The singer, more reclusive than J.D. Salinger, had kept all details of his personal life private. While some theories speculate the worst about Prince’s passing, what’s important to remember is the man and legacy he left, not the religion he followed or the medications he (might) have refused to take.

To pay tribute to his follicle legacy,  our friends at Ogle School of Beauty have created this amazing infographic with every hairstyle Prince wore from 1979 to his time of passing.


Bookmark or pin this for inspiration for your next hairstyle. It’s time to bring back the dirty perm!

Seeing how many hairstyles Prince had in 30 years makes me slightly ashamed that I’ve only ever had two hairstyles in my entire life, but then again I’m not the Purple One.

Which Prince hairstyle is your favorite? What about song? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook!

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