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Space Buns Are Taking Over Earth! Check Out This Crazy Awesome Hair Trend

The space buns are back! Not only that, they’re dominating the hairstyling scene. Here are 12 gorgeous ways to rock them.

For early millennials, the 90s was definitely a roller-coaster ride. We have Britney Spears, MTV, grunge, and a whole lot more. Of course, fashion will never be out of the picture, and when it comes to hairstyles, there’s only one I can think about: space buns. This cutesy pair of hair buns was so popular almost every girl I knew–and even guys–sported it. The good news is it’s back, and you can wear it in many different ways.

Space Buns Are Taking Over Earth! Check Out This Crazy Awesome Hair Trend

12 Stylish Ways to Rock Them Anytime, Anywhere…

We’re not just going back to the 90s, we’re going back to the 90s in style! If you’re looking for some cool, chic, and up to date ideas on how to don your space buns, then all you need to do is to see these styles:


1. Do It Like Camila

baby mamba

A photo posted by Camila Cabello (@camila_cabello) on

Count on Camila to show you how to be sassy, sexy, and cute all at the same time while wearing those space buns. Add some filter, and voila, you become an instant flower princess.


2. A Little Goth


I doubt if Vanessa Hudgens had lived the nineties, but if she didn’t, well, it’s not obvious. Look at how she paired her buns beautifully with her gothic/grunge getup!


3. Wear Them On a Whim


She’s just being Miley! While I don’t fancy Miley’s humping at MTV, I certainly dig her space buns, an awesome way to wear them even if your hair’s short. Her spunky, I-don’t-care attitude makes it even more fabulous.


4. One Word: Ombre


Ombre plus space buns equal perfection. This goes to show this hairstyle is something you can play with regardless of your hair color.


5. Dust Some Glitter

How about taking those buns a bit further, say, sprinkling some glitters? It’s sweet and edgy altogether. Notice the silver hair? It’s absolutely gorgeous. If you want to get more silver hair ideas, check this article out!


6. Be With The Force


You can also take those space buns literally–that is, wear them like you’re Amidala or Rey. Check out the three-way buns too. Yup, you can have more than two!


7. Short Buns


Short hair? Don’t care! This Katy Perry look is one of the best ways to wear space buns even if you don’t have lots of hair to work with.


8. For Your Workouts


Space buns are not just for style. You can also wear them to keep your hair away from your face while you’re working out. Besides, getting yourself sweaty doesn’t have to mean looking boring.


9. A La Suicide Squad


Cara Delevingne may be trying some acting, but she still remains a model through and through. Proof? This is just one of the looks she sported while promoting her movie Suicide Squad. Surely, it’s not just the movie that gained attention.


10. Rocking Them Like It’s The 90s


Before Ariana, Miley, and every millennial trendsetter you can think of, there’s Gwen Stefani. Granted, not all her styles worked, but we’ll agree she made space buns part of the nineties lookbook.


11. Buns And More


Buns, braids, colors–this look takes a lot of patience, but, hey, it is also so worth it.


Even our editors wear Space Buns, looking good Lisa!

A photo posted by Lisa Loperfido (@itsa_lisa) on


12. Perhaps Some Ariana


Space buns don’t have to require a lot of effort. Twist parts of your hair and hold them with a band. That’s how Ariana did hers.


Get not just one but three ideas on how to wear the space buns by watching this video from ShinyLipsTV

Although you can’t time travel or go to space yet, you can have a piece of both fantasies. Try these beautiful space buns styles now.


Which of these space buns do you like? Leave your thoughts in the Comments section below. Just in case you forget, you can also do these with buns

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