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Too Faced Cosmetics X Kat Von D Collaboration | 5 Things You Need To Know

If you haven’t heard of the hottest collaboration to happen in the world of makeup, then you are in for a treat because I have the details on the Better Together collaboration by Too Faced Cosmetics and Kat Von D. 

Too Faced Cosmetics is known for its girly, feminine aesthetics and Kat Von D for its grunge, hyperpigmented colors. From their packaging to the product names, these two brands would have been the complete opposite of each other but that doesn’t mean they can’t work together. Kat Von D has been hinting about a possible collaboration with the makeup giant for months now and it turns out, it’s even better than expected.

Too Faced Cosmetics X Kat Von D Collaboration | 5 Things You Need To Know

I’m sure you’d like to know when the product release is, especially after reading this. How’s December 26 sound? Get ready because the hype is real and I’ll race you to Sephora to get my hands on it.


Celebrating Differences

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If you think this collaboration is surprising, I’m telling you, you are not alone. Who would’ve guessed that a bold and quirky brand such as Kat Von D would eventually create a collaboration with Too Faced Cosmetics‘ very girly and pink aesthetics? Don’t get me wrong, though, because I think it’s awesome!!!


Magnetized Palette

As if the news couldn’t get any better, I found out that it’s a magnetized palette that can be broken into halves, with the other half being the Too Faced palette and the other, the Kat Von D.  Also, this Better Together palette comes with a full-sized Better Than Sex mascara and a Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. Craaazy! I’m about to lose my mind here.


All-New Shades

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It comes in colors that represent each brand’s aesthetics and definitely ones we’ve never seen before because they are all brand-new shades.


Turning Negativity to Positivity

When asked about the idea for such collaboration Jerrod Blandino, the co-founder of Too Faced Cosmetics has this to say:
“Something has happened in the world where a critical voice has been given to some cowardly people who hide behind their computers or phones and say mean things to people that they would never say to their face,” Blandino said via Refinery. “And I felt that this isn’t okay. So I called Kat up and said, ‘Kat, we love and celebrate each other and we’re so happy for each other’s successes, and neither of us needs to fail for the other to succeed, so let’s do something that shows the world that we’re better together. And maybe, we’ll inspire people to stop being so mean or so negative or so critical, and start celebrating and accepting each other in a much nicer way.'”


Happily Priced

I am officially hyped up and according to Allure, the palette will cost $65. Now if you ask me, that’s not bad at all, considering the quality of both these brands, I’m all for it. Doesn’t that sound exciting? I have never thought a collaboration between these two brands is possible and Volume 2 just might be in the works if Volume 1 does well.


Consider me sold. Is it December 26 yet?


Watch this video from Too Faced Cosmetics’s very own Jerrod Blandino featuring Kat Von D:

These amazing makeup collaborations are best partnered with fabulous fashion ideas! Let me know if you’re excited for this collaboration in the comments below! 

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