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20 Beautiful Reasons To Love Fall | Makeup, Fashion, And More

Fall is here! Can you feel the cool breeze finally kissing your cheeks? I certainly can, and it’s done so much to make me feel happy and giddy already.

I know you’re loving this season as much as I am. I’m also aware you can list so many reasons what to love about it. Nevertheless, I’m sharing with you 20 beautiful reasons why I’m in love with fall.

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20 Beautiful Reasons To Love Fall | Makeup, Fashion, And More

1. Vampy Lips

MAC9sc_Nx3Q-woman-lying-in-the-ground | fall lipstick

There’s no need to wait for nighttime to don vampy lips. Fall lets us get away with dark-colored lips no matter what time of the day. Looking for lip color suggestions? Check this post for fall lipstick colors you must have in your stash.

2. Boots

MABU_MHt7t0-full-length-portrait-of-happy-young-woman | fall fashion

I bet a lot of you lovelies are likely experiencing the first chills of fall. You’re most likely starting to reach for your scarves and boots, and I can totally relate. Like what I said, I get giddy when it’s around this time of the year.

There’s just so many things happening and everything seems to be in preparation for greater and bigger celebrations.

What’s better than having a footwear so versatile? You can wear them with a dress, pants or shorts. If you want to go casual, there’s a pair of boots to go with that. If you want a pair for your office attire, there are also boots for that.

Added bonus? Your pedicure lasts longer because of closed shoes.

3. Loafers

MADA2AtxRH0-lifestyle-of-a-young-japanese-woman | fall lifestyle

Fall signals back to school. What could spell fall better than a pair of loafers, right? Be preppy cool in this footwear no matter what your age may be. It comes in different colors and designs so there’s plenty to choose from.

4. Shearling

MADKEHnj1BM-sitting-woman-wearing-brown-jacket-smiling-during-daytime | fall outfit

Get cozy with a shearling when the chills of fall get into you. It’s a relaxed and casual look you can easily don during quick catch-up with friends or when running errands. This is both functional and chic.

5. Great Hair Days

MABnzJ6A5f4-attractive-redhead-female | fall hairstyles

Your crowning glory looks much better when it’s not humid. Humidity, as you may have observed, triggers frizz and curls. With fall in the corner, you’ll enjoy great hair days! Ready for a new hairstyle this season? Check these recommendations.

6. Sweatshirt

MADKD1DHrcE-woman-wearing-beige-sweater | fall ootds

Stay warm this fall with a sweatshirt. This is another versatile item we should all have in our closet this season as we can wear them with practically anything! From skirts to pants to denim to leather, the sweatshirt is absolutely a heaven-sent item.

7. Hats

MADyRWuo800-white-petaled-flower-on-woman-s-mouth | fall accessories

Ever longed to wear a hat but you’re not sure if it’s the right time? Worry not because fall is absolutely the perfect season to don those cute headwears to keep you feeling warm. A hat is a fall accessory must-have. You can choose from the classic fedora, top hat, beret, beanie or rounded hat to complete you look.


MADesGeA2kY-catwalk-runway-show-event | fall fashion

New York Fashion Week provides us with many fashion inspirations to recreate for our everyday look. Not only does NYFW showcase the latest trends in fashion but it also highlights the hottest craze in makeup and hairstyle. Definitely, a beautiful reason to love fall!

9. Motorcycle Jacket

MABoohZjazM-biker-girl-sitting-on-vintage-motorcycle | fall outfits
Fall is all about keeping warm and being fashionable. Unleash your biker chic fashion while keeping cozy in a motorcycle jacket. Be edgy in this fashion staple, and pair it with jeans and shirt or flirty dresses. The choice is really up to you.

10. Pumpkin Beauty DIYs

MAEGkx_J_l0-pumpkin-spice-scrub-with-sugar-and-cinnamon-in-a-glass-jar-and-wooden-body-brush-homemade-beauty-treatment-and-spa-recipe | fall skincare

Carving a pumpkin this fall means there’s plenty of meat from the plant we can use for our beauty DIYs. There’s no sense in throwing all that gorgeous meat from your carved pumpkin since it has plenty of use. If you’re not so fond of making pumpkin soup, then create body masks or facial scrubs. You can also make pumpkin spice latte bath bombs.

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11. Grunge Makeup

MADaFVaYDP8-black-nails-on-goth-female-rocker | fall dark makeup

Grunge makeup is definitely not something you can wear every day. However, Fall provides an avenue for us to harness our makeup skills with the gloomy season in the corner. In need of inspiration? Check this link for makeup ideas.

12. Plaid

MAEL_hBu2ds-woman-in-red-and-blue-plaid-dress-shirt | autumn season

Plaid is another fall outfit must-have. This is a print that seems to never go out of style, and which we can wear wherever, whenever.

13. Suede

MADGyXoX3lc-woman-wearing-black-suede-bathrobe | fall fashion clothes
How would the color of suede not remind us of fall? It very much reminiscent of the color of the leaves falling this season, right? Additionally, it provides a luxurious feel.

14. Dark Nail Polish

MADaAtKqv2c-female-holding-tea-cup-and-reading-book-in-sweater | fall nail colors

Bring out your Goth side with dark nail polish. There are so many fun and creative nail art design ideas you can make out of the dark polish. Mind you, they’re far from being dull and lifeless. For fun and colorful design, check this out.

15. Black Friday Sales

MADaFzClGOk-woman-choosing-a-things-for-makeup | black friday shopping for fall

Need I say more? Just imagine the hoard of clothes, shoes, bags, and makeup we can get during the sale. Plus, the gadget you’ve had your eyes on is on sale!!

16. Scented Candles

MADesJA0Izg-lavender-sea-salt-and-candle | fall season

Keep warm this fall with scented candles. This is definitely time to burn and keep them lighted without friends asking you why or what the occasion is. Looking for which scent to try this time?

17. Leaves as Accessories

MADSF04Me4E-woman-with-foliage-during-autumn-season | fall accessories

Why waste fallen leaves when we can use them as accessories? Be as creative as you can get. You can create a hat or hairpiece with leaves. Bookmarks, earrings and wreaths can also be created. You can even paste dried leaves into journals to make it more interesting.

18. No Shave Days

MAB8CSruG_k-young-woman | fall activities
Okay, this may raise some brows but hey shaving can take a lot of time. With boots and socks being the “in” thing, there’s no need for us to expose our legs. Admittedly, this may not apply to all as some of you may still opt to shave even at this time of the year.

19. Rich Hair Color

MAEL1pMNjVA-woman-in-red-long-sleeve-shirt-holding-red-rose | fall hair colors

Reflect the colors of fall not just in your fashion but also in your crowning glory. Rich and dark hair color is absolutely a hot beauty commodity this season. Take a look at this rose gold hair dye tutorial, which is a huge hit this season!

20. Double-Breasted Coat

MADySLt8JKo-woman-standing-between-tree-line | fall outfit looks

Wearing warm clothing is a must this season, and donning a double-breasted coat is among the fashion staples this fall. If you find black too boring to wear, why not add sophistication by sporting a camel-colored coat?

Bonus: Musky Scent

MADGyMtXob8-closeup-of-a-young-woman-applying-perfume | fall makeup looks

Is musky scent your thing but you get too intimidated by its strong smell? Well, rejoice! Fall is the time to bring out those powerful perfume.

Do you need help with your makeup? Here’s a Parisian-inspired Fall makeup tutorial:

I don’t know about you but this season just feels very promising to me. With fall finally, here, there are so many things to look forward to and love.

There’s so much to love about fall. This is arguably the fashion and beauty season. Are the items here also on your list of things to love about fall? Oh well, bring in the dramatic makeup, rich hair color, and great fashion. Stay pretty and fashionable. Cheers!

Which of these do you love most about fall? Share your thoughts through the comments section below. 


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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