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30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

I am a big fan of the fall season because the change of color is such an inspiring event that I even go gaga on my fall nail colors collection. So let me take you down this list of the fall colors you need to have on your nails this season

30 Must-Have Fall Nail Colors

This post was originally by Nail Designs and share with permission.

From deep reds to mustard, even pastels. This year’s trendy fall nail colors are so inspired and so haute that I can’t get enough of them. And even though I seem to have a lot of colors in my nail polish collection, I don’t mind adding a different hue of red or blue because this year’s must haves are beautifully crafted richly pigmented, I just have to have them all.

1. OPI, We The Female

OPI’s Fall collection screams women empowerment! The deep red hue is so rich I can’t help but liken it to a very strong and independent woman. Don’t you just think about female empowerment when you see fall nail colors like this?

2. OPI, Liv In The Grey

Named after Kerry Washington’s character in “Scandal,” this dark gray color is as mysterious as the OPI brand ambassador’s TV persona. If you’re someone who wishes to bring some sort of secrecy to your own character, this is the way to go. Excited to try?

3. KL Polish Broccolli & Chocolate

This beautiful deep brown color is perfect for fall. It gives me such a 90’s vibe I can’t shake off, I love it so much I’m wearing this through all seasons.

4. Essie, Udon Know Me

Inspired by Tokyo’s color and energy, this Essie nail polish is just perfect for those dressed-down lazy days. However, lazy days need not be off-fashion days so there’s a need to amp your style. Stay chic with fall nail colors like this from Essie’s collection.

5. Chanel Nail Gloss, Rogue Radical

This sweet orange-y red hue is a beautiful accent color against the autumn brights that surround us this time of the year. It gives you just a hint of warmth and excitement on your nails.

6. China Glaze, Heroine Chic

Relive 90’s grunge with Heroine Chic. It’s one of the wonderful colors from China Glaze’s Rebel collection, and looks absolutely stunning! The boldness of the color makes it perfect on its own or as an accent to nail art.

7. China Glaze, Combat Blue-ts

This polish’s matte finish looks gorgeous! However, if you want to have shimmery and glossy Fall Nail colors, just add a top coat to this nail polish and you’re good to go. Super pretty! For just $5 you’ll instantly get a perk me up during this cold season.

7. KL Nail Polish, Brick

Another one that I’m really loving is this brick color from KL Nail Polish, Kathleen Lights really did herself well with this color. It’s beautifully opaque and is just the right amount of boldness for the gloomy color of fall.

8. Christian Louboutin, Bianca


Fall nail colors to perfectly match the color scheme of this season? Use something on the opposite side of the color wheel like this nail polish. It doesn’t just look stunning, it also has a very posh packaging. I absolutely love it! <3

9. Gucci, Sinful Blush

Gucci’s Sinful Blush reminds me of the blush colors I use during particularly cold autumn days. It’s not too shocking, yet it’s also not that soft to look pale.


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This year’s fall is starting out to be such an inspired season, not only in fashion, but we see it in beauty and cosmetics too. Don’t you just love how deep and rich this year’s fall nail colors collections are? It doesn’t hurt that a lot of the colors trending for fall are colors that most of us already have, but hey I’m sure your bottle of polish has ran out already, that’s a definite reason to get new fall colors to celebrate the change in season.


Check out JessFACE90’s swatches of the new OPI Iceland Fall Collection:

Which one is your favorite nail color on the list? Let us know in the comments section below, and if you need more inspiration this fall check out this makeup and fashion looks to help you out.

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