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21 Braided Hair Tutorials

There are so many different types of braids, which makes it hard to choose what to try next!

Below are 20 of our favorite braids, braid hairstyles, and braid tutorials for you to try out this summer season.

1. How to French Braid


French braids are hit or miss for many people, but the You’re So Pretty tutorial breaks it down for you step-by-step!

2. How to Fishtail Braid


The fishtail braid is super trendy right now, which is why have provided our very own tutorial for you! Check it out at You’re So Pretty.

3. Braided Updos

Now that you have the fishtail braid down, style it up in a bun! See full tutorial at Top Inspired.


4. Wedding Braid Hairstyles


This wedding braid hairstyle is to die for! See more wedding braid hairstyles at Pelfind.

5. Double Braid Styles


Take your braid styles up a notch with not one, but two braids pulled back into a messy bun. See the full tutorial at Top Inspired!

6. Braided Updos

Here is another favorite braided updo, which uses the sock bun method.

7. How to Do A Messy French Braid


We absolutely adore this messy french braid! See step-by-step instructions at Hair N Beautyz.

8. Waterfall Braid | Braiding Styles


The waterfall braid is an easy solution to your morning rush!  View our full tutorial here!

9. Braided Bun Hairstyles


We love when people make unique bun hairstyles! You can find the full step-by-step instructions for this braid at iCreative Ideas!

10. Braids for Short Hair


This simple half updo is the perfect braid for short hair. Keep your locks out of your face with this tutorial at The Beauty Department!

11. How to Box Braids

Box braids are super chic!  Watch this video tutorial on how you can achieve the box braids style:

12. Box Braid Styles: Mohawk

We love this braided mohawk using the box braid method:

13. Side Braid


This lace braid is a unique version of the timeless side braid. See the full tutorial at Pop Hair Cuts!

14. Half Braid | Braid Styles

This half-braid can be dressed up or dressed down for various occasions. See the full step-by-step instructions at Pop Hair Cuts.

15. Double Rope Braid Bun


These braids are perfect for long hair and will make a gorgeous updo! You can find the full tutorial at The Beauty Department.

16. Tree Braid

The tree braid is essentially many braids with hair extensions added in by hand. Check out this video tutorial on how you can achieve the tree braid:

17. Twist Hairstyles


See the full instructions on how to make a twist hairstyle at Top Inspired.

18. Crown Braid



The crown braid is so elegant and will dress up any outfit! See the full tutorial at Fashionsy.

 19. How to Crochet Braid

20. Poetic Justice Braids

Try these jumbo braids on for size:

21. Bow Braid


Check out our tutorial on how to achieve this bow braid!

What is your favorite braid hairstyle? Leave a comment below!

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