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Dry Skin Remedies | Cheap & Effective Homemade Skincare Solutions
Having soft and smooth skin is important for most women. Having flaky, dry, and itchy skin is not really flattering and may even cause low self-esteem. Thankfully, there are cheap yet effective homemade skin care remedies that can help hydrate your skin. I've listed 5 dry skin remedies you can create at home. Dry Skin Remedies |…
African Tribal Makeup Tutorial

This African Tribal makeup tutorial is dedicated to the young women who defied conventional standards, went against the perceived status quo, and proudly celebrated their heritage by wearing beautiful African print gowns to their proms. With this makeup tutorial, you'll leave feeling inspired, cultured, and aching to visit the beautiful, vast plains of Africa.  

7 Ways the Salon Software Makes It Easier to Work from Home
Have you recently opened your salon business? When you are starting a beauty salon business, you can comfortably work from home because you may not have a lot of clients. Download the best and most convenient salon software, sign up now: However, when your business grows; you will find it challenging…
Festival Looks: Glitter Roots Hairstyle Tutorial
Festival Looks: Glitter Roots Hairstyle Tutorial
Want to shine (literally) at your next music festival? Try glitter roots, this year's hottest festival style trend! Festival Looks: Glitter Roots Hairstyle Tutorial This is a look we know you've seen before ! Glitter Roots is the hottest trend to take this year's festival season by storm. It's no wonder that this hairstyle --…