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woman starting to curl her hair with flat iron | Hairstyle Guide: Curling Hair With Flat Iron In Simple Steps | Featured

Hairstyle Guide: Curling Hair With Flat Iron In 3 Simple Steps

Curling hair with flat iron might just be the trick you need to keep looking neat and made up, even throughout this lockdown.

It looks complicated at first, but I’m sure after you read through this tutorial you can start curling your hair in no time. Whether tight or loose curls, these easy steps will help you achieve the curls you want right at home.

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Easy Curl With Flat Iron

Things You Need:

  • Flat iron
  • Alligator clip or hair tie

Step 1: Separate

There are three major steps to undertake when curling your hair with a flat iron. First, separate your hair into two major parts. Grab the hair from the top of your ears all the way to the back and pin it up to separate the first major section of hair. The hair at the bottom will be your second major section.

Others separate through their hair part as well. So that you’ll have another section on top, making it 3 major sections of hair.

Step 2:  Section and Grab

Now that you have separated the major sections of your hair, you can start working on each section one by one. Note that because you separated each part accordingly, you’ll have a thinner section to work with every time. Go ahead and grab about 1-inch to 2-inch thickness of hair and start applying heat.

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Step 3: Curl

When curling your hair there are basically two different directions your curl can go. The first one is “away from your face”, and the second is “toward your face”.

Normally, the rule is the hair closest to your face should be curled away from your face. I found this trick by Kayley Melissa to be the easiest to execute when curling long hair.

a. Flat Iron Hold

    • First, hold your flat iron with one side of iron facing upwards and lay it above the base of the inch-thick hair you want to curl.

b. Hair Twist

curling a hair with a pink curling iron | Hairstyle Guide: Curling Hair With Flat Iron In Simple Steps | flat iron

    • Bring your hair up passing in front of the flat iron and curling it around towards the back of the iron and in between the flat iron.

c. Curling Hair with Flat Iron

curling a hair with a pink curling iron | Hairstyle Guide: Curling Hair With Flat Iron In Simple Steps

    • Press the iron on the hair and without letting go of the section of hair, pull the flat iron down running through the length of hair you are currently processing.

d. Bouncy Curl

curling hair using a flat iron | Hairstyle Guide: Curling Hair With Flat Iron In Simple Steps | flat iron curls

Voila! Hair that is curled away from your face without having to twist your flat iron around.

When creating beach curls you want to alternate the curl direction starting with the hair nearest your face going “away from your face” and the next section of hair curled “towards your face”. The section after that should be curled “away from your face” and so on and so forth.

Bonus Tip!

You can also create glam curls by curling hair with a flat iron in the same direction. In this case, the major sections of your hair will be divided into four different sections.

Two sections at the top, separated through the hair part, and another two sections at the bottom. Simply separated in the middle. This will give you two sections on the right side and two sections on the left side of the head.

Working on the right side of your hair, curl the sections away from your face until you finish all the hair in that section. Move to curl your hair on the left side by curling the sections away from your face until all the hair has been curled.

Check out this video on how to curl with flat iron courtesy of Kayley Melissa:

Not having a curling iron to achieve beautiful curls doesn’t have to be a point of stress. As long as you have a flat iron handy, curling your hair with a flat iron will always work. Sometimes, it works better than an actual curling iron.

I hope this tutorial has helped you out with your hair curling dilemma. Do you have any hair curling hack you would like to share with us? We’d love to hear them. Share it in the comments section below. 


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