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19 Easy Pinterest Hairstyles For Summer

It’s the season of waves both on the shore and on our tresses with the best and easiest Pinterest hairstyles. It’s summer!

Pinterest has a reputation of curating fashion, art, and style, an instruction manual for fashionistas if you will. We’ll be taking a cue from Pinterest on how to style our manes for the hot season.

For the quickest, easiest, and most beach-ready Pinterest hairstyles, scroll down below.

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In this article:

  1. Pinterest Hairstyles for Short Hair
  2. Pinterest Hairstyles for Medium Hair
  3. Pinterest Hairstyles for Long Hair
  4. Pinterest Hairstyles for Braided Hair

Check Out the Best and Easiest Pinterest Hairstyles Below

Pinterest Hairstyles for Short Hair

1. Top Knot With a Scrunchie


I love this half updo style for beauties with short hair since you get to enjoy a neat do and the fresh summer wind through your hair at the same time. The only thing you need to nail this look is a charming scrunchie and 5 seconds.

This Pinterest hairstyle will keep your hair away from your face as you surf through the waves.

2. Side Swept & Clipped

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800] Sweep your hair to the side in the direction where your hair usually flows so that you end up with a large wave on the bigger section of your hair. Flatten the smaller section with bedazzled clips to keep it neat.

3. Headband

@makingmalloryTop Amazon Headbands for short hair🌟##shorthair ##shorthairstyles ##headbands ##thatheadbandgirl ##amazonfinds ##amazonmusthaves ##amazonfashion ##hairstyles♬ original sound – makingmallory

I love this for beauties with a bob haircut with layers since this will add volume to your hair and will give it a feminine, relaxed feel. I would also suggest trying out layered bob for thin hair, since your hair will get instant volume as it’s not weighed down.

When your scalp is feeling stressed from the tugging and the pulling, don on a large headband for a change. On days when your bangs are cooperating, put your headband in the middle of your head rather than pulling your hair back. It’s the easiest and most comfortable Pinterest hairstyle yet!

4. Top Bun


This Pinterest hairstyle is similar to the top knot, but this hairstyle is able to hold your hair for much longer. Grab a section at the crown of your head and tease to create volume, then bun like how you normally would. Use a large, printed, and trendy scrunchy to amp up your style.

5. Let It Loose

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Thick hair allows for instant volume, so let your lovely locks loose! Sweep your hair from side to side and allow the fresh summer wind blow through it. Run your curling wand through your hair quickly to control unruly hair.

In addition to hairstyles for short, beauties with medium-length hair will be able to rock these as well!

Pinterest Hairstyles for Medium Hair

6. Waterfall Hair

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800] Master your curling skills with the waterfall hairstyle, the most Pinterest-esque hairstyle of them all. Portray the beach waves on your locks with this stunning mane.

7. Twisted Bangs


Part your hair in the middle, then twist your bangs and bring it to the back and secure with a clear elastic to keep it clean. To elevate the look, wrap the tie with a long scarf.

This is a quick and easy hairstyle for medium hair especially for beauties with layered hair that are too short for an updo.

8. Bandana Pinterest Hairstyle

@kianadaliaveAs requested here is my bandana curly hairstyle ##curlyhair ##curls ##hairstyles ##fyp♬ you know it. colony house by ava arbore – aveuhhh

Fashion a bandana out of a silk scarf, and wrap it around your untied hair. A silk bandana will mask unruly (and unwashed!) hair and is gentle on the strands. Silk is our sidekick in our battle against hair damage.

Pinterest Hairstyles for Long Hair

9. Fishtail Ponytail


This is my go-to hairstyle for days when I want to keep my hair back but at the same time want to keep my scalp and tresses a break. The fishtail ponytail is a loose, yet neat Pinterest hairstyle.

  • Ponytail your hair as you normally would, then part your hair in the middle and tuck your ponytail inside.
  • Tighten the do by tugging on your ponytail, but loosen the edges of your hair along the hairline for an easy and natural look.
  • Tie a scarf around your ponytail to make a smart hairstyle look fun and trendy.

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10. Half Ponytail

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800] Here’s an upgrade to the classic hairstyle we can all get behind. Tie a loose half ponytail, then secure with a scarf as long as your hair.

11. Scarf Pinterest Hairstyle


Yes, I do love scarves and this next Pinterest hairstyle will be incorporating a scarf into the do as well!

  • Tie a scarf headband around the middle of your head so it doesn’t gather all your hair.
  • Make a half ponytail in the section of your hair within the scarf to achieve a boho look.
  • Loosen your bangs and the hair along the hairline for a messy look.
  • Then run your hair through a curling iron to create loose and large waves.

12. High Ponytail

lady red sweatpants cropped top drinking | Easy Pinterest Hairstyles For Summer

Tease your hair and secure into a ponytail, topped off with a chunky and printed scarf tied into a ribbon. Easy, yet absolutely charming!

13. Wrap Around Ponytail


  • Tease your hair at the crown to create volume, then tie into a ponytail.
  • Grab a small section of your ponytail then wrap it around the tie and lock it in place with a pin.
  • To make sure your Pinterest hairstyle lasts the whole day, apply a bit of hairspray on the ponytail carefully avoiding the rest of your locks to make sure it stays soft and bouncy.

14. Tight Bun

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800] Beat the heat in a tight bun that will withstand the sand, waves, and the wind. To fashion a more relaxed bun, tease your hair at the crown. This will create volume and a messiness that will bring a more relaxed and easy feel.

15. Pigtail Buns

@ttenzin__How to make pigtail buns. Comment if you want more hair stuff ##boredathome ##asain ##fyp ##hairstyle♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

Tie your hair into high pigtails and twist them into a bun. If you’re planning to post your OOTD on Pinterest, make sure your printed scrunchy matches your outfit.

Pinterest Hairstyles for Braided Hair

16. Braided Bangs


Bangs not cooperating?

  • Begin braiding from your bangs, then continue braiding towards the larger section of your hair until the braid reaches your ear.
  • Clip the end of the braid behind your ear for a seamless style.
  • Untuck a small patch of hair in front of your ear for a more romantic and ethereal look.

17. Fluffy Ponytail


Perfect for a day on the beach, keeping your hair out of your face but still looking stylish and interesting with a charming braid.

  • Braid a length of hair on any side of your choosing.
  • Loosely pull your hair back, careful not to flatten your hair, then tie into a ponytail making sure that your braid is visible on your ponytail.

18. French Braid With a Bun

@gurkiratrandhawa05French braid bun🖤 ##gurkirat_randhawa_05 ##hairstyle ##frenchbraidbun♬ Girls Like You – The Muses

Create two loose french braids, stopping at the neck and tie both sections into a ponytail. Bun your ponytail for a classy finish.

19. French Braid Pinterest Hairstyle

hairstyle french pigtails on girl | Easy Pinterest Hairstyles For Summer

Have you ever wondered why athletes always wear french braids in competitions? If you feel that a ponytail aren’t enough to hold your hair in place, secure them in a tight french braid.

Check out this video by Holistichabits to learn how to take care of your hair this summer:

These hairstyles are convenient and easy to do and re-do after a bout with a wave. Whether you’ll be rocking these Pinterest hairstyles on the beach or on the streets, you’re sure to catch some stares.

Is your new hairstyle worth showing off on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.


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