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Freshly Applied Colored Hair Care Tips

You’re ecstatic with your colored hair, but not quite pleased with the texture. There are ways to maintain your new look and revive your tresses.

I’ll clue you in on how to enjoy your new hue and bring them back to touch-ably soft condition. These tips are easier said than done.

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How to Care for Freshly Colored Hair

1. Use Shampoos and Conditioners Made Specifically for Colored Hair

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Shampoos for colored hair will keep your color brilliant and vibrant, whereas normal shampoos will both dry you out and ruin your color. I love a good hair care system where the shampoo and conditioner work together to moisturize your hair and protect the cuticles.

Keep an eye out for sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoos since sulfates strip off moisture. Hoard shampoos with moisturizing ingredients and UV protectants to prevent further damage. In fact, I would even recommend this for untreated hair!

In contrast, bleached hair needs sulfates to deposit dye pigments into each strand. Look for purple toning shampoo that will keep your locks blonde rather than brassy.

2. Don’t Wash Colored Hair Too Often

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Your stylist will advise you to wait three days before washing your hair after applying hair dye. During this period, your cuticle will close up and the dye in your hair strands will set. Schedule your coloring session on a long weekend or when you won’t need a fresh mane.

In addition to prolonging your ombre hair, washing your hair less frequently will spare it from any more damage. Even if you do use shampoo designed for colored hair, the best way to care for it is to shampoo less frequently.

Wash your hair two to three times a week only. On days when you’re not meant to wash your lengths, use dry shampoo on your scalp to soak up the natural oils. But when you do wash your hair…

3. Shower With Cold Water

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Cold water will help your cuticles close up and help set your fresh color. Heat is also one of your worst enemies, so steer clear of hot water. Hot water will reopen your hair cuticle, letting the dye out.

This isn’t just a colored hair care tip. Virgin hair will also benefit from a cold bath.

4. Keep Colored Hair Away From Chemical Treatments and Heating Tools


Heating tools and additional hair treatments will contribute more wear and tear to your fragile locks.

If you must use heating tools, use heat protectant hair spray on damp hair to reduce moisture loss. Use heating tools only when your hair is completely dry since our hair is also at its most fragile when wet.

Don’t forget another source of heat that we frequently overlook.

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5. Protect Your Tresses From the Sun

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The keratin damage in our hair (because of bleaching) leaves our hair with little to no sun protection. This allows UVA and UVB rays to penetrate the cuticle and damage the outer layer. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to hair damage, thinning, and discoloration.

Since it’s in vogue anyway, complete your look with a bucket hat or an oversized hat. Look for a UV protectant leave-on made specifically for colored hair. Steering clear of the sun will benefit both your hair and your skin.

6. Avoid Chlorine

two women in swimming pool colored hair | Freshly Applied Colored Hair Care Tips|colored hair

Chlorine, a bleaching agent, is another weakness of bleached hair. Steer clear of the pool, lest you want your hair to turn green.

If your hair does turn green, another round of hair dye is not the answer. Mix baking soda with water to make a paste and lather onto your lengths along with your purple shampoo.

7. Use Semi-Permanent Hair Dye for Small Touch-Ups

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As much as possible, use semi-permanent hair dye if you want a touch-up. Its lasting power may not be as strong, but your hair will love you for it. If you don’t shampoo often, you will extend the longevity of the color.

If using semi-permanent dye isn’t realistic for your lifestyle, at least wait for your roots to grow out for at least two months before you dye with permanent dye.

Check out Mei Yan’s guide to colored hair:

If you’re reading this before committing to colored hair, I hope this informs your decision. If you’ve got freshly colored hair, then these tips will help you get the most out of your ombre hair. These are all you need to know on how to care of bleach, colored, and even virgin hair!

Caring for your hair only takes some special shampoos and a trendy hat. Above all, you need self-discipline! Abide by the do’s and the don’ts and I promise your hair will love you for it!

Which hair color care tips worked best for you? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below.


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