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feature | 9 Easy Braided Hairstyles For Spring 2017 | Makeup Tutorials

9 Easy Braided Hairstyles For Spring 2017 | Makeup Tutorials

Are you all fired up to put your hands to work with these easy braided hairstyles for spring? These pretty braided hairstyles are all you need to welcome the refreshing spring season!

Easy Braided Hairstyles for Spring to Complete Your Look

Spring is right around the corner and the closer it comes, the more excited I get! I can’t wait to see the flowers in full bloom, feel the gentle kiss of spring’s breath on my skin, and hear the birds chirp their melodious harmonies. Channel the spring goddess within you with these easy braided hairstyles you can wear any day of the week and for any occasion!


1. Luxy Hair’s Triple Braid | Easy Braided Hairstyles for Spring


To kick off my awesome list of easy braided hairstyles, this one will incorporate three types of braid in your look. You’ll start with a French braid at the top, a fishtail braid in the middle, and finish off with the regular three-strand braid. This triple braid is really cool and pretty!


2. Roxxsaurus’ Double Dutch Braid | Easy Braided Hairstyles for Spring


Admit it. When you saw Kim Kardashian sport that double Dutch braid, you wanted to know how to do it! Since it’s spring season, you have every reason too. Does it look intimidating? Fear not. It’s easier than you think! Simply part your hair in the middle like how you would make pigtails, and then do a Double Dutch braid on each side.


3. Missy Sue’s Half-Up French Braid Crown | Easy Braided Hairstyles for Spring


Unleash the spring princess in you with this beautiful half up French braid crown. This hairstyle is truly mesmerizing and will look perfect with your cute spring dresses. As a bonus, this look never goes out of style too. You start sectioning your hair into two and work on the bottom section first. Using a curling iron, create loose waves on the bottom section. Once done, start doing a French braid on the top section of hair. Braid both sides and then clip braids together at the back to create a halo.


4. Alex Goubury’s Half-up Half-down Pull-Through Braid | Easy Braided Hairstyles


Are you going for the boho chic look this spring? I believe this pull-through braided hairstyle is the perfect one for you! This is the easiest braid to learn. Start by tying a small section of the hair. And then get another section of hair on top of the ponytail, but divide that section into two. After that, pull the ponytail through the two strands and then tie the two strands together. Just keep doing this until you’ve reached the end of the hair. By the way, I love how the soft waves complement the braids. The finished look is quite ethereal and celestial, don’t you think?


5. Abby Smith’s Twisted Crown Braid | Easy Braided Hairstyles for Spring


If you’re looking for a very easy braided hairstyle for spring, you got the winner right here. This twisted crown braided hairstyle is easy to pull off, and I think the finished look is super pretty.  Start with two strands of hair. Put the front section over the other section and then add a new section. Keep repeating the same process while adding new strands of hair. Since you’re practically not braiding at all, this is perfect for those who just want a simple, chic everyday hairstyle.


6. Roxxsaurus’ Halo Braid | Easy Braided Hairstyles for Spring


For those special occasions, this halo braid will never let you down. Ever since I’ve always found halo braided hairstyles to be beautiful. I think this is one of those hairstyles that has a timeless elegance to it. How to do it? Simply do a Dutch braid around your head until you reach the end of hair and create a halo. Doing the front part is easy, but braiding the back part is a bit trickier. Nonetheless, I’m sure you can do it!


7. Foxy Locks’ Big French Side Braid | Easy Braided Hairstyles for Spring


Honestly, I’m not really good at braiding my own hair, but when I do give it a try, I find it easier to do side-swept braids. This big French side braid is easy to do and is great for a romantic night out. I also love how side braids easily compliment different face types too. This braid is similar to any other side-swept French braid except with this one, you’re taking bigger chunks of hair to make the braid appear bigger.


8. Miranda Hedman Warrior Braid | Easy Braided Hairstyles for Spring


Oh my! When I saw this on YouTube, I just instantly fell in love with it! It’s called the warrior braid, which is just fitting considering how strong and edgy this braided hairstyle is. Nonetheless, I think this is a good hairstyle to sport this spring. If you have gray or blond hair… the better! To pull this off, divide your hair in the middle to create two sections. Do a double Dutch braid for each starting from the top to the end. However, please leave one small section of hair at the back as you will use this to stitch the two braids together in the end.


9. Alex Goubury’s Dutch Fishtail Faux Hawk | Easy Braided Hairstyles for Spring


Man, this girl has so many beautiful braided hairstyle tutorials, I can’t keep up! Another one I really love from her is this Dutch fishtail faux hawk braid. I’d like to try this hairstyle when I’m wearing casual clothes like maybe skinnies or shorts this spring. To create the look, start by doing two topsy tails on the top half section of your hair. Once done, just do a fishtail braid downwards.
Do you want to go back to braiding basics? Check out this video from Braidsandstyles12 as she teaches you the basic fishtail, Dutch, French, and lace braids:

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really excited to start practicing my braiding skills again! I’ve already got my spring dresses ready. The only thing left for me to do is work on my hair and makeup looks to get me all dolled up for springtime! With these easy braided hairstyles, I’m sure I’ll find the perfect hairstyle for whatever spring outfit I’ll be wearing. Have fun practicing ladies!

Which easy braided hairstyle is your fave so far? And which one will you be trying out first? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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Featured image via Hair and Makeup by Steph

This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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