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7 Spring Makeup Looks To Refresh Your Look This Season

Spring is just around the corner and these spring makeup looks are exactly what we need this season.

7 Pretty Spring Makeup Looks

1. Romantic Spring Makeup Fun


Romantic makeup looks are the easiest go-to makeup for spring. It’s a good pick me up of rose-toned colors, brighter than the previous season’s staples and it beautifully shows off feminine features, very much like the blooms starting to come out this time of the year. I can imagine wearing this with an equally dainty looking spring dress!


2. Peach Spring Makeup

A peach hue is not only timeless but also rather effortless in how this color speaks of spring. Always fresh and glowing, a peach-toned spring makeup look will definitely be a sight for sore eyes this time around.


3. Copper Tones Spring Makeup

Right around this time is a good way to show off your coppery peach-gold makeup colors, not quite spring yet but the anticipation of a warmer breeze definitely shows in these kinds of spring makeup looks, plus a good romper outfit to give the edge off this makeup look a boost.


4. Halo Eyes Spring Makeup


A good way to put color on your face but not to overdo it is to create a halo of color around the outer corners of your eye. It frames the eye beautifully but it gives off such an effortless made up look perfect for the springy atmosphere, keep your foundation natural looking to really exude a laid back spring vibe about you.


5. Pastel Spring Makeup

If you have a good stock of pastel colors in your vanity, now is the best time to wear it. Pastel colors around the eyes give off such a youthful vibe coupled with a light blush and pinkish tint to the lips, this spring makeup looks just like you stepped right out of the runway lending your bohemian creative vibe to the streets.


6. Pink Spring Makeup

You can never go wrong with the right shade of pink, pair it with the colors of your blush and your lip and this spring makeup look will give you such a natural radiance about you, which is perfect for a spring dinner with friends.


7. Lilac Spring Makeup

Of course, how can we forget about Lilac? Lilac is such a spring makeup color and it is such a hot pair to spring nails! but not a lot of people use it, so here I am posting this to remind everyone why this color has to be on everyone’s peepers this season.


Check out this beautiful soft spring makeup look tutorial by cozykitsune:

Spring is all about freshness and rebirth, so keeping this in mind when you create your own makeup look this season is important, but always remember to have fun and be yourself.

Which one is your favorite out of all the spring makeup inspirations on this list? Let me know in the comments below and if you’re looking for Spring break makeup looks, check out this post.

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*Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on Mar 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy. 

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