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Chic Boho Makeup Tutorial Perfect For Any Season

I appreciate the boho look so much because it is somewhat of  a counterculture to many of the norms around us, so I’m bringing you a boho makeup look tutorial.

It’s easy to get lost in translation when creating a boho-inspired look because the bohemian aesthetics does not have a set of rules to follow, so I think it’s really neat that there are a lot of boho makeup tutorials online.

Chic Boho Makeup Tutorial Perfect For Any Season

You can create different makeup looks when it comes to bohemian fashion. However, this tutorial by Carli Bybel is a look you can recreate for just about anywhere and for whatever event you’re going to. I especially like this look because even though the boho makeup look does not have rules and you can basically go whichever direction you want to take, Carli Bybel is able to give it a polished, glam look.

So fret no more because I’ve broken it down for you in this step by step tutorial.

Get ready to rock the bohemian chic look just follow the steps!


Step 1: Apply Base Shade On The Inner Thirds

This tutorial shows us that achieving a boho makeup look can be done by picking up the lightest color first and applying it to the inner thirds of the lid. In this case, she used the highlight shade of Too Faced Bon Bon Palette.

Step 2: Apply Darker Shade on the Outer thirds

The next step is to take a chocolate brown color and deposit it on the outer thirds of the eye.

Step 3: Create Plums

Create a hint of purple on the eye by picking up a plum color and placing it over the dark brown color on the outer thirds of the eye. In this tutorial, she found it necessary to pick up a different shade of purple from the Carli Bybel palette to create a more saturated purple color.

I like using this smokey eyeshadow palette I found from Widget. It’s really pigmented and the there’s a wide range of colors to choose from.

Step 4: Line the Eyes

Lining the eyes with pencil liner is the best way to create a smokey saturated color near the lash line. Smudge it with a brush to create a gradient effect that helps creates more definition the eye.

Step 5: Lower Lash Love

Grab the dark plum shade with your pencil brush and apply across the lower lash line. You can go as wide or as narrow as you’d like, but creating just a little bit of a smokey effect on the lower lash should be good enough. Make sure the blend it with a clean brush to smoke out the pigments.

Step 6: Mascara and False Lashes

Curl your lashes as usual and apply false lashes.

Step 7: Highlight Inner Corners

Picking up the light champagne shade on the Carli Bybel palette, she then puts it on the inner corner of her eyes to make it pop out a bit more.

Step 8: Bronze Up

Apply a bronzer to the cheekbones all the way to the forehead area to warm up the face. Carli Bybel used the Kat Von D Shade and Light contour palette to achieve a bronzed look.

Step 9: Blush

A mauve blush – similar to the one from BH Cosmetics blush palette, to create a pop of color to the cheeks compliments the hints of purple on the overall look.

Step 10: Highlight

Using the same highlight shade as in the highlights of the inner corners of the eyes, create a highlight on the nose bridge and the cupid’s bow for a more glammed up effect.

Step 11: Full Lips

Line your lips with the same color lipstick you’re using. A darker fuchsia color is used in the tutorial which I think ties in with the overall look with the purples and warm pinks.

Create a full on boho makeup look by creating messy waves with your hair and by creating braids on some parts of the hair. Although, I think hairstyle will work best with highlights on the hair, it will also work great on ladies with dark hair, ala Esmeralda look.

Check out Carli Bybel’s full video on how to create a Boho makeup look:

Now that you’ve got your boho hair and makeup why don’t you complete your look with this chic dress I found from Mason & Ivy.


Let me know if this tutorial is helpful in any way by leaving a comment in the comments section and I think you’ll enjoy this college back to school makeup tutorial as well. 

I’d like to see boho makeup looks you’ve created yourself so share them with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


  • Diana Estefanía Jimenez Guerre
    Posted April 10, 2017 at 11:52 pm

    This isn’t boho… Starting with the fake lashes… Boho is all about soft, natural hues, peachy and slightly sunkissed cheeks. This is too much makeup…

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