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Achieve A Natural Look With Fake Freckles | Makeup Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to get freckles? Fake Freckles have become such a sought-after look that it has become more than just a trend. Why not, when fake freckles are pretty wearable?

Putting on fake freckles on any look whether it be full-on glam or barely-there makeup, makes the look interesting and quite charming. To add to that it’s also quite a conversation starter especially for your friends who might be confused about whether you really have freckles.

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Easy Fake Freckles Tutorial

While fake freckles look really easy on the eye, it takes a little bit more skill to pull-off natural-looking freckles. Luckily, this video tutorial by Li Grin shows us the easiest way to create face freckles that look as good as the real thing. Are you ready?

Here’s What you Will Need:

  • Brown eyeshadow
  • Stipple sponge (hack: cut a hair donut into a square)
  • Beauty Blender

This method is the easiest I have seen so far you might be surprised to find out you’re done in no time. So before we even begin with this really simple tutorial, let’s talk about the proper placement of fake freckles.

Freckled Placement

freckle natural beauty face | Achieve A Natural Look With Fake Freckles | Makeup Tutorial

First of all, these cute little blemishes that occur on our faces – more naturally on others because of genetic coding, is caused by exposure to the sun. Basically, when your DNA makeup tells your body to have clumps of melanocytes on your face, that is where your freckles appear.

Just like anything occurring naturally, we have no control over where it will appear. So in creating your fake freckles, take note that the less curated it is, the more natural it will look. However, these sunspots are usually in places where the sun hits. So it makes sense that you’ll see it across the nose bridge, the cheeks, the forehead, and even the shoulders.

Taking note of these along with this easy tutorial by Li Grin, you’ll be able to create a beautiful fake freckled look in the shortest amount of time.

Step 1: Apply Makeup As Usual

Go ahead and put on your makeup, it doesn’t matter whether you want to go full glam or a bit more natural. Fake freckles will look nice on any sort of makeup you prefer, the key is balance. If you’re going for a bold eye look, your freckles might not stand out as much.

Step 2: Stipple Fake Freckles

This is where Li Grin’s video tutorial comes in really handy. If you don’t have a stipple sponge, you may grab a hair donut from the dollar store and cut it up to a square.

A stipple sponge is used by professional makeup artists mostly for theater and production work. It helps in creating different stubble effects on the face. Personally, I think this is an ingenious way to create natural-looking fake freckles.

Using a brown eyeshadow pot, dip the stipple sponge on the eyeshadow. Now you have pigment on the woven texture of the sponge which you can start overlaying on your face – over the foundation. Don’t worry about it looking too dark or unnatural, that really is how it will look like at first.

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Step 3: Blur Fake Freckles

Grab your Beauty Blender and pat around the area where the fake freckles are. This blurs the pigment down to a more natural finish.

Step 4: Set

An important final step for your fake freckles is to set it with a setting spray. Make sure you do this for longevity and also, that you don’t erase what you’ve created.

Here’s the finished look by Li Grin:

You may also check out her full video tutorial below:

Whether you’re born with it or not, freckles can look beautiful. Now that it’s the summer season again, drawn on freckles will surely be a go-to look whether for a quick grocery run, a solitary stroll by the beach, or simply doing a zoom hangout with friends.

Have you ever tried faux freckles? What’s your favorite way of putting on freckle makeup? We’d love to hear from you, let us know in the comments section below. 


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