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Natural Lip Gloss You Can Easily Make At Home

If you’ve caught the DIY bug, boy do I have the perfect natural lip gloss recipe for you! This gloss will reflect the warm glow of the summer sun.

I love making my own natural lip gloss since it’s so much cheaper than the $8 – $10 tube at the department store. I also love the idea of making makeup that doubles as skincare, making sure that both my makeup and skin are on fleek.

Creating your own makeup also gives you the power to adjust recipes according to your skin type and intolerances. As someone with sensitive skin, I never stress about trying out new store-bought products anymore because I know exactly what’s in mine.

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Glassy and Shimmery Natural Lip Gloss That’s Easy to Do

Since this will be a tinted natural lip gloss, I like recipes that make only one tube. It’s best if we save the rest of our ingredients to create glosses with different tints, don’t you think?

If you prefer a natural clear lip gloss, you can remove the mica colorant in the recipe. This also works a great topper for your matte lipsticks or if you just want a natural shine to go with your bold eye look.

What You’ll Need:

homemade cosmetic lip balm natural ingredients | Natural Lip Gloss You Can Easily Make At Home

  • 3g castor oil
  • 1.5g calendula oil
  • 1.3g tucuma butter or shea butter
  • 0.2g beeswax
  • 3 drops vitamin E (Be careful not go heavy handed with the vitamin E since it has a very bitter taste.)
  • 0.3g mica colorant (Make sure that your mica powder is for lip balm because not all are safe when ingested. Any mineral makeup you have at home will work just as well.)
  • Lip gloss tube
  • Small glass container for double boiler
  • Small saucepan for double boiler
  • Optional: titanium oxide (Great for sun protection, and will make your gloss more pigmented.)

Step 1: Combine Your Mica Colorant and Castor Oil

After combining your chosen mica colorant and castor oil, mix for a few minutes until it becomes a thick, pasty mixture. Castor oil is a must have for your natural lip gloss and gives the gloss its high shine.

Step 2: Melt the Beeswax in a Double Boiler

Mix the beeswax in a double boiler, then wait for it to melt completely. To avoid lumps in our natural lip gloss, we’re melting thick substances separately, it will be easier to mix together this way.

Step 3: Add Your Mica and Castor Oil Mixture and Beeswax Into the Double Boiler

Combine the mica and castor oil paste with the beeswax in the double boiler, followed by the tucuma butter. Stir the new mixture for them to melt into each other thoroughly.

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Step 4: Remove Your Natural Lip Gloss From the Double Boiler, Then Add the Calendula Oil

Once the ingredients have combined and melted completely, remove the mixture from the double boiler and allow to cool for a minute. Add your calendula infused oil into your natural lip gloss.

Step 5: Add the Vitamin E in Your Natural Lip Gloss

Adding vitamin E is an optional step, but adding vitamin E will transform your natural lip gloss into an effective skin care as well. Keep in mind that vitamin E has a bitter taste, so limit it to 3 drops maximum. You may replace vitamin E with jojoba oil or other essential oils.

If you want to add titanium oxide for a bit of sun protection, wait for your natural lip gloss to totally cool before you mix it in.

Step 6: Transfer Your Final Gloss Into Your Chosen Lip Gloss Tube

This gloss will glide on well with a roller ball applicator, but I prefer doe foot applicators since it’s much easier to work with.

Finished Product!

Voila! There you have it, your very own natural lip gloss!

Check out Rozalia’s for the complete tutorial and more natural lip gloss recipes:

Now that you know how quick and easy it is to make natural lip gloss at home, I hope this opens you up to more DIY projects and makes you more conscious of the ingredients in your cosmetics.

I enjoy playing around with the ingredients and I’m fond of homemade lip gloss with coconut oil to get me into the summer vibe! Your natural lip gloss base ingredients are the castor oil, butters, and waxes. The remaining ingredients will depend your preferences and artistry.

Stay effortlessly polished this summer with your own natural lip gloss!

Does your lip gloss catch the glow of the sun? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.


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