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How To Tan Safely and Faster For A Glowing Sunkissed Skin

The sun can leave us a serious golden tan, but can pose serious risks to our health. Today I’ll break down how to get your best and safest tan!

I’m all about looking your best, but I wouldn’t put my health on the line for it. All beauties know that we always take a prudent and cautious (and sometimes thrifty!) approach when it comes to our cosmetics and skin. The same discipline will apply especially to tanning because we always take the sun seriously here.

There are ways to play safely under the sun and maximize the benefits of our golden friend. Ready your beach mats,  bikinis, and shot glass (you’ll why know later on) beauties!

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How to Get a Glowing Tan Safely

1. Protect Your Skin From Within

red tomatoes | How To Tan Safely and Faster For A Glowing Sunkissed Skin | how to tan

Pop over your favorite vegetable market and grab some beta carotene rich sweet potatoes, carrots, and dark leafy greens. Beta carotenes will improve our body’s own ability to withstand UV rays, but this doesn’t excuse us from using sunscreen. With better resistance from UVA and UVB rays, our skin will be able to tan safer.

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that has proven benefits when it comes to sun protection. Get your daily dose from tomatoes, guava, or from a refreshing watermelon. Red peppers have both beta carotene and lycopene, so I make sure to add slices of red peppers in my salads.

My pre-tan diet always includes meals that are packed with beta carotene and lycopene. My meals two weeks before a visit to the beach are always extra colorful! Of course, the sun protection from these foods are limited so we’re still lathering on a shot glass worth of SPF 30. Alongside efforts to protect my skin from within, I also take extra physical measures to prep my skin.

2. Ready Your Skin For Sun Exposure Externally As Well


I use a physical exfoliant on my body every other day a week before my tanning session. By sloughing on dead skin cells earlier on, our skin is less likely to peel post tanning session.

Immediately after getting out of the shower, I apply aloe vera gel on my damp skin to trap in the moisture. I also love to use aloe vera gel after sun bathing to keep my tan longer. If you stayed under the sun for too long, aloe vera will also help soothe your skin.

3. Settle For SPF 30 Instead Of SPF 50

woman seated on textile applying sunscreen | How To Tan Safely and Faster For A Glowing Sunkissed Skin | bikini

SPF 30 will block 97% of the suns UV rays, while SPF 50 will block 98%. While it may seem like a lot and will trick you into believing that this is sufficient for a whole day in the beach, bear in mind that sunscreen works only if you re-apply every 20 minutes. Remember that we said that we need to apply an ounce or a shot glass worth of sunblock.

SPF 30 will provide sufficient sun protection, any more SPF and our skin might not even tan. Beauties with medium to dark skin tones can even get away with SPF 15, while fair skinned babes will require more sun protection.

When buying sunblock, look for the phrases broad spectrum in Western brands or PA+ for Asian ones. Both are able to block UVA and UVB rays, but PA+ is a rating given to Asian brands and more signs, the better!

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4. Go Natural For Additional Sun Protection

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Before applying your SPF 30, douse on some naturally occurring SPF from olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil to name a few. Oils like these offer minimal SPF and plenty of antioxidants which battle free radicals. There’s no overdosing on antioxidants and it’s one of our best bets against the sun, so get as much as you can!

5. Schedule Your Tanning Session Properly

sea fashion beach sand | How To Tan Safely and Faster For A Glowing Sunkissed Skin | sun bathing

The sun is at its peak and its strongest between 12NN and 3PM, so fair skinned ladies be warned. While those with medium to dark skin tones can freely play under this sun at this time, it will only burn fair skin.

Limit your fun under the sun for only two to three hours, any longer than that we’re exposing our skin to damage and increasing the risk of cancer. There’s also a limit as to how much our melanin can deepen our skin tone and two to three hours is its threshold.

6. Flip Over Frequently

slim woman in bikini lying on deckchair | How To Tan Safely and Faster For A Glowing Sunkissed Skin | bikini

Like pancakes, we should change sides often to get an even tan. While this may seem simple, it’s a step we might overlook while we’re so engrossed in our books or relaxing under the sun. Napping under the sun is never a good idea, even though the tempting sound of the crashing waves can lull us into a deep sleep.

7. Take Small Breaks


Baking under the sun isn’t akin to pastries in the oven, where we need constant heat and temperature to get golden brown. Give your skin short breaks every once in a while. When you’re re-applying an ounce of sunblock, do it under a cool shade.

8. How To Tan Instantly | Sun Beds Cannot Replace The Sun

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Simply put, there isn’t 10-minute solution to get a natural and instant tan.

Sun beds will offload hefty amounts of UVA rays directly on your skin and will increase your risk for cancer. Don’t let marketing ploys trick you into believing that you can get a healthy tan in a tanning bed. The only tan you should get in a salon is a spray one.

Trust me, babe, a natural tan under the sun is the way to go.

9. How To Tan Instantly | Fake It ‘Til You Make It

unrecognizable woman holding glass jug virgin olive oil | How To Tan Safely and Faster For A Glowing Sunkissed Skin

Do as the Greeks do and lather on some extra virgin olive oil on your skin. Its natural tint will give you a sun-kissed glow and also offers some sun protection.

If it’s hard to get some time with the sun, check out this video by Allure to get safe self-tanning tips:

I hope you enjoyed this article and are inspired to go natural and safe route for your tan! These simple tips and tricks will get you your best natural tan ever.

Did these tips help you get your natural tan glow? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.


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