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Holiday Hangover Beauty Fix | Revive Your Skin With These Easy Tips

Got a holiday hangover ? We’ve got the Holiday Hangover Beauty Fix you need to get by all season. Here’s how to deal with dull skin, puffy eyes, and tired-looking faces and easy tips to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Holiday Hangover Beauty Fixes To Cure Your Skin Stat

The beers, late nights, food, and even the stress that come with preparing for the holidays can definitely take a toll on your skin. The holiday hangover affects your skin pretty badly leaving you with dull and dry skin, puffy eyes, black circles underneath the eyes, chapped lips, and an overall tired-looking face. I have here easy suggestions to revive your face and make it look fresh again!

1. Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

To get rid of puffy eyes, use First Aid BeautyDetox Eye Roller. One of its active ingredients is caffeine, which constricts the blood vessels and reduces the appearance of puffiness. The roller also eases the build-up of the lymph fluids, which cause the puffiness. It is also rich in antioxidants to nourish your eye’s delicate skin.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliate | Holiday Hangover Beauty Fix | Revive Your Skin With These Easy Tips
Image via sephora

Get rid of the old skin and let your new skin shine through. This is why exfoliating is extremely important, especially if you already have a dull, dry, flaky, and itchy skin. I am a huge fan of Clinique’s Exfoliating Scrub because it smells of menthol, which further adds the feeling of freshness and cleanliness. It’s also perfect for me since I have oily skin. You also need this too if you’re prone to breaking out, especially when under a lot of stress.

But don’t worry about hurting your skin. Look at how beautiful the texture is. It’s not too watery but not too thick either, and you hardly see the microbeads unlike in other products. It’s definitely gentle on the skin.

3. Moisturize

Moisturize | Holiday Hangover Beauty Fix | Revive Your Skin With These Easy Tips
Image via walmart

Let’s assume you don’t have any time to do all these holiday hangover skin cure tips. Well, just do this: moisturize. It’s one of the instant ways say goodbye to your tired-looking and dull skin! My new favorite is L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Volume Filler cream. It doesn’t just give you a healthy glow, it also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to one of its active ingredients called hyaluronic acid, which helps maintain the firmness of your skin.

It’s never too early start preparing for the holidays! 😉🎄

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4. Rescue Your Lips

Rescue Your Lips | Holiday Hangover Beauty Fix | Revive Your Skin With These Easy Tips
Image via sephora

Alcohol, stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, and all the major causes of bad skin can also reflect on the lips, leaving them chapped and flaky. To deal with this, I have two suggestions. For an immediate cure, try Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil. The combination of essential oils and plant extracts benefit your lips in so many ways. They provide moisture, make your lips plumper and smoother, and even improve the shape of your lips! Hourglass is also vegan and cruelty-free, so that’s a major plus.

5. Energize Your Skin

Energize Your Skin | Holiday Hangover Beauty Fix | Revive Your Skin With These Easy Tips
Image via birchbox

The cheapest way to revive your tired skin is to drink water – lots of it. It’s the best moisturizer in the world. But let’s face it, not everyone meets the recommended amount of water to drink every day. In fact, a lot of people don’t love to drink water or simply forget doing it. As an alternative, try  Dr. Jart’s  Water-Full Hydrating Gel Mask. It contains cranberry fruit extract, hyaluronic acid, and olive leaf extract to smooth fine lines, moisturize the skin, and cool your face, which helps if you have some redness or swelling. The no-mess mask comes in two parts, the face and the chin, for a full coverage. You put this for 30 minutes, which is basically enough time to prep for work.

6. Emphasize Your Eyes

Emphasize Your Eyes | Holiday Hangover Beauty Fix | Revive Your Skin With These Easy Tips
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Make your eyes pop! Give the appearance of fully awake eyes by applying some mascara. You can choose a lot of great mascaras in the market today, but I especially like L’Oreal’s Volume Million Lashes Fatale, which creates lash volume through its multi-layer brush.

7. Correct Skin Issues

Correct Skin Issues | Holiday Hangover Beauty Fix | Revive Your Skin With These Easy Tips
Image via smashbox

Some skin issues like redness can sometimes take time to get rid of, so if you need an instant concealer, I highly recommend Smashbox Color Correcting Sticks, which are available in different shades depending on your skin issue. For example, if you have redness, try green (Get Less Red). You can also get lavender (Don’t Be Dull) to avoid yellowness and either orange (Look Less Tired -Dark) or peach (Look Less Tired – Light) to conceal hyperpigmentation and dark circles.


If you want to learn how to apply these color correcting sticks, then you better check out this video by Lynnette Hernandez:

How does it feel to have the right cures for your holiday hangover? Surely you’re feeling a whole lot better. You can use these tips too in the future holidays – and there will be a lot – and late night outs with friends, so if you ever buy these, you will get your money’s worth. In the meantime, get good sleep, enjoy some me time, and go back to taking care of your skin.


What’s your best holiday hangover skin cure tip? Share them with us by leaving your comment below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in November 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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