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10 Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks

Do you have a holiday makeup in mind? Get ready for countless parties and get-togethers with quick and easy holiday makeup looks that will amaze your friends and family.

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In this article:

  1. Holiday Makeup Styles
    1. No Makeup
    2. Minimal Holiday Makeup
    3. Contrast
    4. Bold Lips
    5. Winged Eyeliner
    6. Intense Eyeshadows
    7. Colored Undereyes
    8. Fluttery Eyelashes
    9. Silver Smokey Eyes
    10. Classical

Easy Holiday Makeup Looks to Look Your Best

Holiday Makeup Styles

The holiday season is just around the corner and you should be ready for the best holiday makeup looks to slay the events you’re attending. I’ve chosen holiday makeup looks that are easy to do.

First, I want to make sure you’ll be ready to wine and dine at work. In fact, many of these styles can be worn at your workplace, saving you time and energy so that just a bit of touch-up and you’re good to go.

Second, simplicity is still the best. While nothing is stopping you from looking wild and outrageous, I want you to give you styles you can do.

1. No Makeup

Blonde young pretty woman with natural make-up | Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks | makeup holidays

If you’re blessed with radiant skin, all you need is a matte nude lipstick and perhaps a mascara. However, if you’re suffering from a skin hangover, you can achieve the same makeup holiday look by using a primer first to hide those blemishes or this product to revive your skin before you put your light makeup for the ultimate holiday makeup look.

2. Minimal Holiday Makeup

Beautiful girl with white flowers on her hair | Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks | easy holiday makeup looks

The minimal holiday makeup is what you need when you want a glowing face at any time of the day. Your go-to makeup will include a highlighter like My Mimi from Mac x Mariah Carey collaboration or a contouring foundation.

If you have a beautiful facial bone structure, you can apply the foundation under your chin and blend to emphasize your jawbone. Complete the look with a bold lipstick and a pink blush, and voila — beautiful!

3. Contrast

The girl's face closeup with long black lashes | Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks | holiday makeup tutorial

Create mystery in your look by wearing the contrasting makeup. It’s either you have a smoky eyeshadow but nude lips or a strong pair of lips and very little makeup around the eyes.

A similar style you can follow is the soft grunge. The point here is we don’t want your face to come out strong especially if you’re wearing a more casual holiday outfit.

4. Bold Lips

Beautiful blonde in a Hollywood manner with curls, dark lips, lipstick in hand | Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks | easy holiday makeup looks

The makeup holidays are one of the best times to play around with lipstick colors. You can go deep red, and there’s no judgment for the perfect makeup for the holiday season.

5. Winged Eyeliner

Beautiful woman with bright make up eye with sexy black liner makeup | Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks | easy holiday makeup looks |

Let’s face it, a winged eyeliner is a classic — and a hit — whether it’s the holiday season or not. It makes any eye more dramatic in less than two minutes!

But why don’t we update that a bit and use a colored eyeliner? That will make your holiday makeup ideas even more festive.

Or you can try another color like this!

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6. Intense Eyeshadows

Beautiful woman model with fresh daily makeup with dark red lips | Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks | holiday makeup tutorial

It definitely looks like the season for intense makeup. If you can’t have the no-makeup look, your next best option is the powerful, smoky look.

The best way to achieve that is to do great with your eye makeup. When it comes to colors, bold shades always work best. So we have reds, oranges, and golds (and a combination of them).

7. Colored Undereyes

Female eye with bright make-up and brush applying mascara on eyelashes | Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks | holiday makeup tutorial

Didn’t I say this is the season of colors? :) Don’t forget to put on some makeup underneath your eyes.

You can also do the reverse eyeshadow or use a colored eye pencil.

8. Fluttery Eyelashes

Beautiful Young Female Model With Soft Smooth Skin And Professional Facial Makeup | Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks | holiday makeup tutorial

Are your work tense and day stressful? Did you have little to no sleep?

For sure, you’ve got some puffy eyes. You can remedy that with this or make a mascara your best friend.

Fluttery eyelashes make your eyes pop and gorgeous!

9. Silver Smokey Eyes

Beautiful woman touching her lips | Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks | easy holiday makeup looks

This holiday, ramp up your looks with this cool and timely holiday makeup. It’s elegant and at the same time, represents the season’s glittery nature.

10. Classical

Beauty young african woman | Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks | makeup holidays

Look gorgeous and elegant this season with a classic holiday makeup look. You’ll definitely turn heads during parties and get-togethers.

Do you want a more classic holiday makeup? Well, who doesn’t? It’s one more option for you! For an easy holiday makeup tutorial, watch the video by BlissfulBrii:

Can you already imagine your holiday makeup look? I hope I’ve helped you create multiple looks for different parties.

This way, your beauty style doesn’t get boring this season. Nevertheless, don’t forget to have fun and relax.

Be yourself!

What are the best outfits that would go best with these holiday makeup looks?? Share them with us by leaving your comment below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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