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feature | I'm Loving The Mariah Carey MAC Holiday Collection 2016!

I’m Loving The Mariah Carey MAC Holiday Collection 2016!

Get all glittery, festive, and shimmering this season. Collect all pieces of makeup from Mariah Carey’s MAC holiday collection!

Ah, the week is overflowing with great news! We’re spending Thanksgiving with the family, I have no scheduled work (which means I have more time to rest), and then there’s Black Friday! If you’re still trying to know where to find the best makeup deals, make sure you check this out. But topping all these is none other than the preview of 23 makeup pieces for the Mariah Carey x Mac holiday collection!

Get All Glittery With This MAC Holiday Collection 2016!

Yup, you’ve read that right. MAC and the Diva are teaming up to brighten your holidays. This isn’t the first time the Elusive Chanteuse and MAC collaborated. Last year, Mariah released her a shimmery champagne frost called All I Want. It was a huge hit, and now they’ve expanded to include an entire makeup kit!

Let me warn you: this is not your typical MAC holiday collection. This isn’t like the Nutcracker Sweet (although I also like it because it’s PINK). Mariah’s makeup choices are all G-L-I-T-T-E-R-Y! This fits right into the winter style and holiday season. They add more color, shimmer, and festivity. Make no mistake, though. The swatches I’ve seen so far are just gorgeous.

Just to tease you a bit about this MAC holiday collection, watch the video above. Watch it really closely. Admire the packaging and the makeup comes with. Then let’s say ahh together!

I hope you’ve got over the anticipation because I’m going to dive into this collection now:


1. Extra Dimension Skinfinish in My Mimi ($46)

Skinfinish My Mimi | Best of MAC Holiday Collection 2016 I'm Loving The Mariah Carey Collection
image via britishbeautyblogger

This deserves on to be top because, well, just look at that. Just gorgeous. This is a warm gold skin finish called My Mimi, and you can use it for that instant dewy glow. If you’re a big fan of Mariah, then you’ll know why it’s called as such (okay, it’s what people call her). And see that imprint? It’s Mariah! It’s her cartoon version in the Heartbreaker music video, you know the part when Jay-Z starts rapping? This:


Heartbreaker | Best of MAC Holiday Collection 2016 I'm Loving The Mariah Carey Collection
image via MariahCareyVEVO


2. Lippies ($20)


Her lippies are just so Mariah. In fact, her entire collection is, and that’s one of the things I love about it. I like how each piece represents her so it doesn’t appear like a typical MAC product. It also makes you feel everything is well thought out as the attention to detail is incredible.

Now back to her lippies. It’s Mariah because of . . .  butterflies! She really likes these creatures, so much so she used it to sing her heart out in Butterfly.

Her lipstick collection comes in 5 shades. We have Bit of Bubbly (soft pink), I Get So OOC (brown), All I want (champagne), MCizzle (cool peach), and Dahhlinggg! (pink peach). Yup, that’s how it’s spelled because . . . Mariah. I Get So OOC and All I want are shimmery and frosted, while the other three have a creamy finish.

While these butterflies look amazing in the promo material, they’re just as beautiful in real life. Don’t you love how they remain visible? You can really feel the imprint.

Here are the swatches for the lippies and the glosses. As you can see, the darker colors of the lipsticks really have some shimmer, which I guess are awesome for a glam look during parties. The nude tones are best for daytime use, but no one’s really stopping you to go bold with your lips anytime of the day.

Anyway, you may be wondering why there’s no red. Well, Mariah doesn’t like red lipstick :) Besides, MAC makes amazing red lippies, and if you think you want to save your money to buy this Mariah Carey x MAC holiday collection, you can always go for these. You can also have this.


3. Eyeshadow Palettes ($41)

The Mariah collection has two eyeshadow quad palettes. On the left, you have is the nude brown I’m The Chick You Like (yeah, she named a lot of her products from her songs), which has How You Thrill Me (satin dark brown), Gold Petals Scattering (brown frosted), Can’t Escape Me (dirty mocha), and Whenever You Call (yellow gold).

On the right is the smoky It’s Everything quad palette, with I’d Give My All (muted gray), Diamond Butterfly (frosted silver white), Twinks (deep plum), and Images of Rapture (muted black with a hint of red). Each palette is actually a combination of different tones, although I am more inclined to like I’m The Chick You Like since it has a better variety of colors. Both, however, contain shades that are trendy this season. You can also use I’m the Chick You Like on daytime and It’s Everything at night. :)


4. Loose Powder ($40)


Mariah’s loose powder is called Touch My Body (cue, the music please!), which kind of makes perfect sense, right? I have yet to find a clear image of its actual content, but sources say this is going to be shimmery radiant gold. This simply means for an everyday radiant glow, this can be your best friend.


5. Powder Blushes ($24)


For the powder blushes, we have two. The one on the left is a pink shade called You’ve Got Me Feeling. The other is deep coral called Sweet Sweet Fantasy. I’d go for either two, but it’s better to choose the right shade for your skin.

These swatches may also help you out. These tones come from one shade only, which is Sweet Sweet Fantasy. See the pigmentation? It’s real good. Bravo, Mariah!


6. Pro Wear Lip Pencils ($22)

For a more defined lip or, better yet, pout this season, you have to get these lip pencils. Above you have deep ombre while below is So Dramatique. And because Mariah can’t get the glitters on the tip, she had them on the handle. This collection is truly bright!


7. Lipglasses ($22) Her Lipglasses (lipgloss) collection looks so expensive, don’t you think? It’s like it’s made up of diamonds. No kidding. Just like her lipsticks, she also has five shades for the lipgloss: Rainbow Interlude (soft white), Little Miss Monroe (gold), Butterfly Bling (pink bronze), Dreamlover (dirty pink), and It’s Just Like Honey (tan). And all of them are shimmery.

To compare the shades and texture of her lipsticks and glosses, check the image above. You can also use that as a guide when choosing your pair of lippy and lipgloss.


8. Liquid Eyeliner ($22)

So far, this is the only product in her collection that doesn’t have any glitter or shimmer, but the brown-black shade is incredibly rich and luxurious. The packaging spells diva.


9. Brushes (183, $59.50, 239, $28.50)

Look, even her brushes have glitters on them! For the brushes, you have two options. You can get the buffer brush (183), which is for your skin finish, blush, and loose powder, and shade brush (28), which is for your eyes. Obviously, you need both.


10. False Eyelashes ($18)


Lastly – but certainly not the least – we have false eyelashes. This product also comes in two styles: 5 and 36. If you want thicker eyelashes, go for the first one. If you need help in attaching them, here’s a simple tutorial for you.


If you’re still wondering why your lippy should also include any of the Lipglasses in this Mac holiday collection, this might answer your question:

How do you find this new Mac holiday collection? Do you agree it’s the best? You know, it’s more personal for me since she’s one of my 90s demi-goddesses. Her songs were like the anthems of our lives. Either way, because it’s so different from the MAC collections I know, since this is Mariah’s, and I want something fun to wear and give to friends this holiday season, I’m going to get some of these.

If you want your own too, take note this won’t be available until December 8 on the MAC Cosmetics website and December 15 in physical stores. Before I end this post, here’s my today’s present for you:


Which of the makeup in the Mariah Carey x MAC holiday collection do you love? I am definitely setting my sights on the lippies, Lipglasses, and My Mimi. Share your thoughts about her products and the collection in the Comments section. For more Mac lippies, go here.


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