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How To Make Your Face Thinner With Makeup

Do you want to know the best tricks in the book on how to make your face thinner with makeup? Contouring is one, but there are other tips you must know and I got them right here!

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How to Make Your Face Thinner | Makeup Tips

No Magic, Just Makeup

Do you have a round face? Or maybe you feel like your face needs more definition?

If you answer yes to both these questions, then you’re definitely going to enjoy our topic today. It’s all about how to make your face thinner with makeup alone!

Yes, ladies, no going under the knife needed…mastering these makeup tips and tricks will do! Here are the seven tips on how to make your face thinner:

1. Make Eyes Appear Larger


Mila Kunis has a round face, but her makeup artist sure does know how to use makeup to make her face look thinner. Bigger eyes take away the focus on the roundness of the face.

Bigger eyes actually make the face look smaller. So, play with your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, to achieve larger looking eyes.

You might also want to know more about tightlining–a technique for those who want to make their eyes look bigger without a ton of makeup applied to the eyes.

2. High Arch Eyebrows


The lovely Adele is another famous A-lister with a round face. But if you check out her photos, her face doesn’t look so round at all (thanks to makeup!).

One of the tricks applied here is to have eyebrows with a more pronounced or higher arch. The height of the arc balances out the roundness of the face.

Always bear in mind eyebrows help give the face a lift, hence, making the face look thinner. Now if you don’t have a round face, it is still imperative to choose the best eyebrow shape for your face shape.

It shouldn’t be too thick, soo for natural-looking brows with a well-defined arch. Fill in the eyebrows with a color one shade darker than your natural brows to make your brows stand out.

3. Blush with Brown Undertone

woman applying blush on | How To Make Your Face Thinner With Makeup | how to make your face thinner

To make the face look thinner, you have to do away with blush with red undertones in the meantime. It makes the face look bigger and heavier.

Instead, use a blush with brown undertones and do the smiling trick in an angular application. Here’s how:

  • Apply the blush under the cheekbone.
  • Continue sweeping from the cheekbone to the middle of the ear.
  • Apply the blush lightly.

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4. Contouring and Highlighting

Female friends putting makeup ,Contouring | How To Make Your Face Thinner With Makeup

The best trick in the book on how to make your face thinner is, of course, contouring and highlighting. Contouring works with the shadows of the face and can instantly make your face appear thinner.

It’s actually the go-to technique for makeup lovers and professionals. However, take note proper contouring varies from one face shape to another.

So, it is important to know how to contour based on your face shape. For women with a round-shaped face, the result of contouring and highlighting is seen above.

5. Put the Focus on the Eyes


Apart from making the eyes appear bigger, the right eyeshadow also helps make the face look slimmer. Pick an eyeshadow to work with your eye color as well as your skin tone.

  • Green eyes – copper, plum, lilac, eggplant, and periwinkle will look good
  • Blue eyes – neutral shades like taupe or champagne, gold, and pink look great
  • Brown eyes – teal, purple, or blue.

Note: Don’t forget to make the eyes appear bigger with eyeliner and mascara.

6. Pink Lips

close up shot of woman's pink lips | How To Make Your Face Thinner With Makeup | how to make your face thinner

Do you know full and dark lips actually make your face look bigger? So if you want the opposite effect, it’s best to go light pink lips as that makes the face look slim, while still making the lips look full.

Which pink shade will suit you? Well, it depends on your skin tone. If it looks great with your skin tone, it will help your face look slimmer.

Stay away from nudes too, which make the lips look thin and as a result, it can make the face appear bigger.

7. Bronzer on the Jawline


We all know bronzer can be used for contouring, but there are other areas where you’d want to apply bronzer to make your face look slimmer. Another trick to know is to apply a layer of bronzer only on the jawline to darken the area.

How to do it: Apply a light layer. Now go down under the jaw and apply a layer of bronzer slightly darker than the first.

This will help create an illusion of corners on a round face and will definitely take away the focus from the weight below the neck.

Want to learn how to contour a round face? Let Sephora teach you in the video below:

Isn’t it a joy to learn the best tips on how to make your face look thinner with makeup alone? Let me tell you, I don’t contour every day.

It’s time-consuming so I save it for formal occasions. But I’m very happy to learn about these new tips to make my face look slimmer even if I don’t contour.

I’m also happy I get to share these beauty tips with you ladies! Have fun trying these tricks out!

Do you know other ways on how to make your face look thinner? Please share it with us in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 19, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.