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Makeup Tutorials for Black Women

Here at Makeup Tutorials, we celebrate women of every race and color. And today, we’re reaching out to all the beautiful dark-skinned women out there to check out the best makeup tutorials we’ve rounded up. We have back-to-school looks, prom makeup, and even trending makeup styles that are sure to stun.

Check out each tutorial below:

1. Full-On Metallic Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorial

ItsMyRayeRaye is one of the fiercest YouTube makeup gurus there is and I think this photo above already says a lot about her talent to create different looks. In this one, she shares how to achieve a fall makeup look that puts the spotlight on deep blue metallic eyes. Look fierce and glam and watch this tutorial:

2. Go-To Fresh and Natural Makeup Tutorial

Don’t you just love a fresh and natural look for all day? But sometimes, for black women, this look is harder to achieve. It could be due to an uneven skin tone, or you’re struggling with dark spots or acne scars. But don’t fret, this full-face makeup tutorial from TheChicNatural will guide you through achieving fresh and natural makeup that you can rely on everyday. Watch the video here:

3. Makeup No-Nos for Black Women Makeup Tutorial

Let’s do something different here. Instead of doing different makeup looks, why don’t we learn more about the makeup mistakes that black women make? After watching Chanel Boateng’s makeup tutorial, you’ll be able to correct those mistakes and do better with your makeup application.

4. Golden Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

If you are thinking of a perfect look for date night or a special occasion, this golden eyes smokey look makeup tutorial will be a definite hit! Msroshposh from YouTube got inspiration from a prom makeup look for this tutorial, but the end result looks amazing on any formal and evening occasion, don’t you agree? Learn the steps here:

5. Simple Back-to-School Look Makeup Tutorial

A lot of girls are looking for a simple and almost barely-there makeup for school. We know many schools do not allow girls wearing makeup, but if its not obvious, I’m sure you can get away with it! OMGItsLynsey came up with a back-to-school look that will still make you look awesome, while keeping it real and simple. Check the tutorial out here:

6. Everyday Nude Glam Makeup Tutorial

For an everyday nude glam makeup, there’s no one better to teach you about that than ItsMyRayeRaye. Her nude glam look is sublime and a lot of black women can easily pull off this look. Plus, she’s going to teach you how to do her infamous under the eye dots. Enjoy the tutorial here:

7. Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Every woman should learn the art of doing the smokey eyes. If you are a makeup novice and this is your first time doing a smokey eye, this makeup tutorial from MsAaliyahJay is very easy to follow. Heck, even makeup aficionados will have fun with this look because it’s so fast and easy! Watch the video tutorial here:

8. Contouring and Highlighting for Black Women Makeup Tutorial

Ever wonder how Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian are always photographed with perfect chiseled cheekbones? Girlfriend, the answer is proper contour and highlight. Rose Kimberly has the tricks in the bag to teach you how to do contouring and highlighting on a budget! She calls these tips “life-changing” and if you’re ready, try it out and see that these tricks will indeed change your life!

9. Dark Lips Fall Makeup Tutorial

YES! We love ItsMyRayeRaye! Her makeup tutorials are so fun and informative that you’ll really get to try out the looks for real. Here, she shares her fall makeup look with the highlight on the deep purple-red lips, which is just so pretty! So yes, even black women can look great with dark purple-red lips! Watch this cool video tutorial here:

10. Nicki Minaj Inspired Look Makeup Tutorial

I know that there are a lot of Nicki Minaj fans out there, probably because her beats are really sick! But that’s not all, her fashion, hair and makeup are always gorgeous! So to top this list off, here is a makeup tutorial inspired by Nicki Minaj’s look on her Feeling Myself music video. It’s actually great that this look isn’t so over the top because you can use it for a daytime look or a nighttime party look too. Check out the tutorial here:

So, what do you think of our makeup tutorials for black women? Did you enjoy it? Do you have anything particular in mind that you want to see here? Feel free to let us know!



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