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How to Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly | Makeup Tutorial

Perfect Your Eyebrows Makeup Tutorials

If you’re anything like me, at some point you may have gotten a little too happy with the tweezers and ended up with over plucked brows. The bad thing is, thinner brows age you; the good news is that they grow back!

Eyebrows are extremely important because they can essentially change your facial features. The trick is finding the right shape, and size for your face.

Learn how to do your eyebrows with this eyebrow tutorial.

Beautiful, bold brows make you look younger. They frame the face better, giving you an instant age rewind.

Here is how you can achieve beautiful bold brows for a more beautiful look.

Perfect Your Brows



Keep Them Bold

If you already have bold brows, all you have to do is maintain them. If you happen to pluck a few wrong hairs, don’t try to fix the problem with more plucking. Instead, fill in any mistakes with a brow pencil or brown pomade until it grows back.

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Avoid plucking more of your  brows when you make a mistake.

Let Them Grow

It can take several months for your eyebrows to grow back out but be patient. Once they are fuller you can  reshape them to suit you. Obviously, you don’t want to look unkempt during this process. Grab some  concealer and a brow pencil to keep them looking groomed and neat in the meantime. .

The only plucking you should do during this phase is between your brows and just below your natural arch. If you’re not sure where this is, don’t pluck yet. In the meantime, fill in any bare spots with a brow pencil to give your brows an even, full look. Cover extra hairs with concealer. Blend fully to avoid caking.

For the best brows after this phase, consider seeing a brow specialist or using brow stencils to help get the perfect fullness and arch. 

After that, you’ll just need perhaps weekly maintenance. Brows are an important part of your makeup routine.

How did yours turn out? Tell us about it, good or bad in the comment section!


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