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feature | Underrated Sephora Makeup Finds You Must Have! Number 8 Is Absolutely Amazing

Underrated Sephora Makeup Finds You Must Have! Number 8 Is Absolutely Amazing

Finally, it’s 2017! To celebrate, let’s check out some underrated Sephora makeup that’s actually worth your money and joyful celebration.

Last year was an awesome time for makeup, a lot of makeup releases created waves among us beauty aficionados especially during the last quarter of 2016. There were a lot of coveted holiday makeup releases from many of our favorite brands. Even Sephora makeup had their own little gift sets for the past season, all of which made me so excited for the coming year.

Now, before we get to the makeup trends in 2017, I just wanted to give a shout out to some of the Sephora makeup brands that people rarely talked about last year. I’m sure this year will be a good one for these totally underrated, but totally beautiful inside and out – meaning package-wise and performance-wise –  products. If you’re not sure which ones I’m talking about, read on and find out for yourself.

Sephora Makeup Brands You Need To Try Now

Some of these products I own and a good chunk I have to try first hand. Based on consumer reviews, I’ve gathered some of the best Sephora makeup items that we all need to rally behind. I also added some skin care brands to this list because as you all know skin care is as important as the makeup products you put on your face. If you are on the lookout for good skin care products, there’s some here for you, too.

1. Buxom Gel Liner


We almost always grab another Gel Liner, but most people who’ve tried Buxom’s Gel Liner have sworn that this little pot has instantly become a favorite. I haven’t really tried it out yet and I definitely will because we need to get our wing liner game on point all the time.

2. Caudalie Skin Care

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

This French brand has been on Sephora shelves for a while now, the brand is practically known for its skincare products but one particular product made them the talk of the town and it’s none other than the cult favorite Caudalie Beauty Elixir (used mainly as a makeup setting spray). I admit even I don’t really hover around it until I got my recovery oil. Seriously, this stuff makes your skin smoother and moisturized. I had a grand time celebrating the festivities a few days ago and this little baby just made my skin looked like I was asleep for hours.

3. Sephora Powder Blushes

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625] Sephora’s powder blushes are creamy and beautifully pigmented and are priced at half the amount other brands’ cost. They come in a variety of skin-complementing colors and they swatch beautifully. If you haven’t tried out a Sephora makeup yet, then this would be a good place to start.

Be sure to get my favorite brush, the Mieoko for FREE here.

4. Korres Skin Care

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625] This next brand I’m going to share with you is… Korres it is a brand loved by its followers, a lot of them remain faithful and true to the brand with praises consistently pointing to how effective the product is on the skin, especially their skin elixir. I am not surprised at all that Korres has found a cult following despite its underrated status and I predict growth this year.

5. Urban Decay Lip Junkie Glosses

Just like the spring-summer nail trend this year, these lip glosses are the bomb dot com. They are seriously beautiful and they come in beautifully thought out tubing packages that create such a healthy plump up lip for any occasion.

6. Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I first tried this out when I ran out of my staple Lancome eye makeup remover, and not being able to immediately get my hands on a stock, I ran to Sephora and picked this myself. Lo and behold, I just stumbled on a holy grail item that day. Seriously, you know those glitter eye looks that are so hard to take out? This bad boy takes it out easier and it has moisturizing ingredients that nourish your skin and your lashes. You need to get your hands on this Sephora makeup remover asap.

7. Peter Thomas Roth

This brand has actually been around since the 1990’s and it fuses Hungarian skin care philosophies with medical advances allowing for skin care that’s effective and well…not as cheap, but it is a treatment you’re paying for. Many of this brand’s solution boasts high rating across makeup review channels and have loyal consumers that have followed them since the 90’s.  I personally want to get my hands on that 24K Gold Mask.

8. Blinc Mascara

Blinc Mascara | Underrated Sephora Makeup Finds You Must Have! Number 7 Is Absolutely Amazing
Image via Blinc Inc

An innovative makeup line for active women, Blinc is mostly known for their Better Than Waterproof mascara, that doesn’t smudge or budge unless removed deliberately with a waterproof eye makeup remover, of which shows ease despite claiming to be better than a waterproof mascara. They come in different colors too! Perfect for a velvety glam this cold season. Out of all the products in this list, I think this is definitely one Sephora makeup item I need to get first.

9. Boscia

Boscia | Underrated Sephora Makeup Finds You Must Have! Number 7 Is Absolutely Amazing
Image via Boscia

If you’re a fan of botanical skin care, then Boscia is a brand you should check out. It’s mainly created for sensitive skin and claims that their products are sans preservatives. I’m not very particular about botanical lines mainly because I don’t have sensitive skin, but check out reviews for Boscia because it has a lot of great ones.

I would love to try the Boscia Pure Body Naturals Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask for Facial Treatment.

10. Sephora Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil

If like me, you are guilty of just passing by the main Sephora makeup, then you should give these babies a try because it will change your mind about the Sephora line. It’s creamy and highly pigmented and they come in a really nifty packaging. I use this on myself and on some of my clients and the results are fool-proof definitely will come in handy when you’re trying to fake big eyes!  I love green and Sephora’s green jumbo eyeshadow/liner is perfect! You have to try it.


Check out this New Year’s Eve look off of Sephora’s channel and be inspired to try out their products:

I’m sure this list has given you something to ponder on this new year, even I had to do some research on a number of these because I did not even realize they’re on Sephora’s shelf. Well, that’s  just a few of the Sephora makeup brands we need to try out this year, I’m sure there are more that we have to discover on our own and my wish for you is that you discover a lot of your holy grail makeup this year and I hope this helps!

Have you tried any of these goodies? Let me know you review on them in the comments section below and since we’re right at the cusp of a new year I understand some hangover of last year’s makeup must haves so go ahead and check some out.

Because it’s a new year and a new season, I can’t wait to get my hands on a  new wardrobe, will definitely be grabbing me a pair of these denim pants

Let me see some of the looks you’ve created using Sephora makeup please don’t forget to share them with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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