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feature | Wedding Makeup Looks | Inspiration For Your Big Day!

Wedding Makeup Looks | Inspiration For Your Big Day!

These wedding makeup looks are what you need to be the most gorgeous bride in this side of the universe! Smoky, classic, vintage, modern, natural, daytime – take a pick among 26 wedding makeup ideas.

Wedding Makeup Looks | Guide For The Most Radiant Brides

Because there’s only one superstar on your wedding day – you – you need to make sure you’re confident and glowing as you walk down the aisle. I can help you get prepared by giving you this ultimate guide to wedding makeup looks. There are 20+ wedding makeup styles to choose from, so you can surely find one that matches your wedding theme, personality, and dream look. Browse and prep for a look test soon!

1. Pearly Polished


This is my go-to look whenever I have something adorning my hair, whether it’s a small tiara or a flower crown. Since I already have a lot going on up top, I like keeping my makeup low-key by dusting on just a bit of shimmer eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eye. It makes for a more fairytale look, which is perfect for rustic weddings! All I have to do is pair it with a wine-stained lippy, and I’m good to go!

2. Modern Classic

A modern bridal makeup is something that brings a bit of old Hollywood glamor into your makeup. If you want to know how to do bridal makeup like this, it boils down to two things: a cat eye and a bright red lipstick that will make everyone go va-va-voom. Don’t forget to swipe on a bit of highlighter on your cheekbones to finish the look!

3. Eye See Pink

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

This is the best bridal makeup for me because it’s a cinch to create and makes everyone look absolutely radiant. The trick is to match your eyeshadow with your lips, so it’s best to stick with similar shades of light pink. By the way, be careful not to overdo the brows for this look. It’s better to keep them looking natural for this one.

4. Subtle Smokiness

I’ve got something that’s perfect for all my fellow smoky-lover gals. Layer on different shades of brown eyeshadow for subtle smokiness that adds an air of mystery. It’s also perfect for a bride who’s looking for wedding hair and makeup that’s a little less formal but still stunning and romantic on its own.

5. Back To Basics

Are you excited to do your own bridal makeup? Sometimes the secret to skin that glows is eating healthy. I’ve heard of brides making sure that they eat lots of veggies and fruits to help get ready for their special day. If a back-to-basics look is what you’re interested in, I suggest investing in a good highlighter and a dewy finish setting spray in addition to eating healthy, of course. Remember, ladies, it’s all about keeping it natural for this look. So tread lightly on the makeup and remember that sometimes less is more.

6. A Pop Of Color

If you’re a bride-to-be who prefers a hint of color on her wedding day, then this is one of the makeup looks for you! Pick a color of your choosing – I think this green shade looks absolutely divine – and don’t forget to pat on a bit of powder on the undereye as well. This unique look will captivate everyone on your special day for sure!

7. Dark Lips


It’s hard to resist a dark lip. It’s mysterious, edgy, and attention grabbing. By the way, did I mention that a dark lip is flattering on practically everybody?

8. Romantic Look

Exude romance on your wedding day with this look. Keep your makeup as neutral as possible and opt for a thin stroke of eyeliner and a coral peach hue as your lippy.

9. Wine Inspired

Are you a sucker for both wine and wine-tinted lipsticks? This is one of the wedding makeup looks perfect for you! The main focus of this look will be your lips so make sure to exfoliate at least a day before. Want a DIY lip exfoliant? Click this!

10. Bombshell Bride

Pair your bombshell-styled tresses with a look that’s just as drop-dead gorgeous. Use the cut crease method on your lids, dust on some highlighter on your nose, cheeks, forehead, and cupid’s bow, and make your lips look fuller with a DIY lip plumper.

11. Gatsby Inspired

I’ve found that as tempting as it is to pair a red lip with a Great Gatsby look, it’s much better to use a berry- or plum-colored shade instead. It allows for a more unique take on the past style, and it also lets you give your highly used Mac Russian Red a rest.

12. For the Free Spirit

Free-spirited ladies can keep it simple with a light smoky eye and a nude lip. To be honest, there’s just something so enchanting about this look. Everything looks so right, from the headpiece and the soft waves, to the light dusting of gray on the lid. It all just works.

13. All Dolled Up

This is what I’d call a Barbie look. Falsies and eyeliner help create a doe-eyed face, and the pink lipstick is the finishing touch to looking like an absolute doll!

14. Greek Goddess

Channel your inner Aphrodite by pairing your headpiece with falsies, a flawless face, and a coral-tinted lip. Keep your brows natural looking by using a light hand when applying a shade that’s close to your brow color.

15. Bronzed Beauty

This is a look that’s perfect for ladies who’ve just gotten back from a holiday and were lucky enough to get a tan at the beach. Now you’ve soaked up a ton of Vitamin D, show off your new color by keeping your makeup simple. Put on some bronzer, get a swipe of mascara, and layer a sheen of gloss on your favorite peach-pink lipstick.

16. Classic Bride


Ladies, if you didn’t get enough rest the night before because you were too excited for your special day, don’t worry, makeup is here to the rescue. Use these skin hangover cures and work on the right makeup. All you have to do is apply a subtle line of white liner on your upper eye lid, especially on the inner corner areas. Don’t forget to blend it in completely. This is a little trick makeup artists do to make it look like you’re completely well rested. Finish off with a line of black liner and a bit of peach blush and lipstick, and no one will know you were up until 3am because you were too excited to sleep.

17. Berry-Stained Lippy

If you’ve got a berry-themed wedding, I highly suggest following suit and wearing a matching hue on your lips. To help balance the loud color of your lipstick, keep the rest of your makeup neutral by only using shades of beige, tan, and taupe.

18. Smoke And Glitter

Add a little oomph to your eye make up by having your smoky eyeshadow pop out further. I suggest blending in a hint of glitter on your crease. Don’t forget to spritz on some setting spray after all your makeup is done. It’ll help keep everything in place.

19. Two-Toned Lips


Feeling a little experimental for your special day? Try one of the modern wedding makeup looks called two-toned lips. It’s really just a matter of lining two different-colored lippies next to each other. Minimize the harsh lines by making sure the part where the two lippies meet are well blended together. Remember, the objective is to create a sort of gradient effect on your lips, so you’d want to lines to look indistinguishable.

20. Perfect For Redheads

Most of my redhead friends find themselves in such a bind sometimes when it comes to their makeup. In my opinion, I think they look absolutely fab, and I’d prefer that they don’t take the attention away from their fiery locks. For this, I’d suggest a simple makeup look of light brown brows, a swipe of black eyeliner, some falsies, and a matte coral lip.

21. Dramatic Lids

Usually, I’d try to stay away from dramatic eye makeup when going to a wedding. I’m a crier, ladies. It ain’t pretty. If you’re feeling fearless, though, I do suggest dabbing your eyeshadow brush on a palette that has different shades of gray. It’s sexy, a little sultry, and a hint of one of our guilty pleasure reads.

22. Blushing Bride

Every woman wants to look every part of the blushing bride. The trick is finding the right color to match your skin tone and undertones. To know the perfect shade for your skin, click here.

23. Splendid Smoulder

Not many ladies can pull this off, but the ones that do, boy, they are just drop-dead gorgeous afterward. Trust me, ladies, this look is a go-to for vixens who love making a statement. A smoky eye and a wine-stained lip is never a bad idea.

24. Sixties Inspired

One of the beautiful vintage wedding makeup looks you can try is the sixties makeup, which plays on the magic of a winged liner. In my opinion, the best tool for this is the Stila All Day Waterproof Eye Liner because it comes in pen form. It’s so easy to use, and it really does stay on the lids throughout the day.

25. Au Naturelle

Don’t hide those gorgeous freckles on your wedding day! Instead, highlight it by keeping the rest of the makeup as natural as possible. A dewy finish and a nice touch of pastel lipstick are all you need.

26. Sweet Contrast

Look sweet and edgy all at the same time through this nice play of contrasts. Make your eyes smoky while applying only light makeup on the rest of the eyes.

The best wedding makeup looks always begin with the right prep. Know the basics by watching this video:

To be honest, I’ve never come across any wedding makeup looks I didn’t fall with. Everyone just looks so beautiful and happy that they instantly become more radiant as ever! Ladies, whichever look you choose for your upcoming event, I’m sure that you’ll be absolutely gorgeous. So practice loads of smiling for the big day and share with us your best wedding photos!

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