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7 Best Magnetic Eyelashes Should Be In Your Makeup Arsenal

Looking for the best magnetic eyelashes can be a bit confusing because different brands offer this recent innovation. When magnetic eyelashes first came out, the trend quickly took off and products have been flying off the shelves.

Check out this list of the best magnetic eyelashes you’ll ever get your hands on.

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Best Magnetic Eyelashes Today

Caution: Since we cannot discount allergy and actual damage to your real lashes because of frequent contact, it is best to stop using them when any signs of irritation occur.

1. Arvesa Magnetic Lashes

What’s good with these false eyelashes is that it’s lightweight and is not a full lash strip. It looks more natural because it doesn’t cover your entire eyelash length. In addition, being an accent lash also makes it easier for it to be trimmed if you ever need to make it shorter for a better fit.

2. Lamix Magnetic Eyelashes

This lightweight and wispy lashes by Lamix gives you that naturally flattering look on your eyes. This magnetic pair is applied with a magnetic eyeliner allowing you to get really close to the lash line. This eyelash is perfect for your web meetings with clients.

3. Ardell Magnetic Accents

Aside from not having to use lash glue, magnetic lashes are also a lot easier to reuse. Just take it off, wipe out any debris as necessary using a cotton bud.

These magnetic lashes from Ardell use 100% real hair. With a perfectly contoured fit, you will most likely not reach for anything else other than these.

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4. Eylure Luxe Magnetic Baroque Full Lashes

One that is particularly easy for beginners is this Luxe Magnetic Baroque Full Lashes from Eylure. It comes with an applicator and a storage case to store your reusable lashes on.

5. Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner Lash

A full lash is always in a winner especially if you can make it stick on the inner corners. This kiss magnetic eyelashes are able to stay put because of multiple magnets across the lash strip. In fact, even Tati Westbrook raves about how easy it is to apply.

6. Moxie Lash

This full lash is in this list of the best magnetic eyelashes because it comes with multiple magnetic strips. Additionally, it also comes with a bottle of magnetic eyeliner.

7. Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Magnetic eyelashes can also be fun and colorful just like Glamnetic’s range of colorful eyelashes. Aside from being the first to have six magnetic bands, they also have colored lashes.

So whether it is for an editorial look, or for your own creative expression, the Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes will surely have made your search easier. It also gives you so many more options to choose from.

Magnetic eyelashes can have a steep learning curve, so I find this video tutorial by Mariam J really helpful:

An innovation on false eyelashes is something we have all been waiting for. Personally, I am truly glad it happened, these magnetic lashes are game-changers especially if you know how to apply it correctly.

Do you have any hack in applying magnetic lashes? Share your tips with us, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments section below.


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