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This Eyelash Trick Will Double The Size Of Your Eyelashes In Minutes

Genetics can be a real bee sting sometimes.

So if what your mama gave you isn’t much in the lash department, fear not. Makeup Artist Liv Van D has just the remedy to calm your sparse lash blues.

Beauty Hack: Thicker Longer Eyelashes Using Baby Powder

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Whaddaya need for this?

  • Clear mascara
  • Baby powder
  • Your favourite mascara
  • Lash Curler
  • Fluffy eyeshadow brush

Step 1: Super Important!

Curling your lashes, if you don’t do it… LEARN HOW! I can’t stress how much better my makeup has become by doing this one simple move!


Step 2: Prep the Lashes

Prep your lashes to be plumped by applying clear mascara, don’t have clear mascara? No problem! Just put a thin coat of your regular mascara. If your mascara is getting thick or dry, just add a little water and that should do the trick.


Step 3: Plump it Up!

Using a fluffy makeup brush, apply baby powder to your lashes.


Step 4: Seal it.

Now apply mascara. (Wanna know the BEST way to apply? Click here!—->)



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