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7 Best Makeup Brands for the Modern Woman

Constantly on-the-go with barely enough time to sit down and get yourself glammed up before rushing to your next appointment? Whew, we’re tired already. If this is your life in a nutshell, you’re going to want to take a look at the best makeup brands for the modern woman. These makeup brands are designed to get you out the door and looking your best in less time than a Keurig takes to brew a cup of coffee. 

7 Best Makeup Brands for the Modern Woman

For modern women like us, it is very important we use makeup brands that are convenient and effective. Some beauty brands are already adjusting to the needs of modern women–from redesigning packages to fit into our purses to innovative, multipurpose formulas that slash the amount of products we need to get by–and others are being created to fit the growing demand of women who are spending more time outdoors and less time inside meticulously applying their makeup.

If the makeup of eras past makes you cringe (especially with newer, sleeker brands like MILK Makeup on the market), you’ll be happy to know that there are other, sexier options for you.

And because time is money and money is time, let’s hop to the best makeup brands designed for the woman on-the-go, aka YOU.

1. trèStiQue

trèStiQue is the latest of the bunch to debut its line of mini makeup which is an 8 piece set that can create a range of looks from your everyday, natural makeup to your most sophisticated date night look.

2. MILK Makeup


This particular brand has quickly climbed the ranks of most-coveted to join heavyweights like Urban Decay, Tarte, Smashbox, and other faves we can’t get enough of. The best part about MILK Makeup, aside from its innovative formulas that use high-quality, all-natural ingredients, is the packaging which was designed with portability in mind. This makeup brand gets us excited about the future of beauty!

3. Lilah B.

For modern women who are always on-the-go and are looking for a minimalist brand that’s also super luxurious, Lilah B. is for you. Lilah B. is determined to provide the cleanest, most all-natural, best makeup for modern women and specialize in multipurpose products like the lip/cheek duo featured below.

4. Stowaway

“Small but terrible” indeed. Stowaway proves that when it comes to most things, size does not matter. These tiny products pack a major punch in terms of pigmentation and duration. So if you’re going on a trip soon or just need another excuse to buy more makeup, check out Stow Away!

5. Glossier

Glossier, how we love you. We’ve written about their Phase 1 and 2 Sets, so you’re already well aware of our feelings towards the brand. Glossier is a makeup brand that has transformed our perception of makeup, helping to usher in a new movement where makeup is designed for women, by women. Not for women to be used for the pleasure and benefit of  men.

Read our Phase 1 Review here and Phase 2 here.

6. Onomie

Onomie was created for women who believe beauty should be simple, not complicated. The brand’s products maximize the benefits of individual beauty products and should be used in conjunction with each other.

7. RMS Beauty

Most modern women opt for a minimalist look and RMS Beauty is known for that. Their products are made with natural ingredients that work with, not against, your skin–giving you polished, healthier skin.

Which is your favorite brand? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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