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How to Apply Natural Makeup Tutorial

Makeup can be a godsend on one hand and a source of frustration on the other.

At times, there’s so many steps to take just to finish a single look. We know not everyone has time for this each morning, so we’ve compiled a list of everyday makeup looks! Not every look is suitable for every girl, and we totally understand, so we’ve included a little something for everyone, ranging from natural earth tones to warm oranges and bright pinks! There’s a lot of focus around the lashes, lids and brows for a everyday look, so get ready to get your eye game on. And what are you waiting for? Pick and choose what technique is best for you from our 15 makeup tutorials!

How To Apply Natural Makeup

1. Subtle Everyday Makeup for the Office

Who would think the adage “less is more” really applies to makeup in the workplace? In this”subtle but pretty” tutorial via Offbeat and Inspired, little really does go a long way for a fresh look at the office. We see how crucial concealer can be as a basis for a pretty look and how blending some soft brown tones around the eyes can really make them pop! Click here for full tutorial.

2. Everyday Style Routine to Embrace Freckles

For those of us with freckles, we know how difficult it can be to accept them. However, we should rejoice! Freckles are darling and can add to your glow among earthy tones which tend to accentuated them.  In Kinsey’s tutorial from A Beautiful Mess we learn that bronzer is essential, just click here for full tutorial!

3. Everyday Look (For Asian Eyes)

Extra Petite gives a simple everyday makeup tutorial for Asian girls. Her focus is on asian eyes and it’s a soft look for anyone who would like to try.  It’s also a great reminder, for those of us who dismiss basic steps in our makeup routine, that it dosn’t take much effort to take the makeup up a notch. Click here for full tutorial.

4. Warm Everyday Glow for African American Skin

This tutorial provides a few brief tips from Howcast Care Style for everyday makeup for African American women. It hones in on the importance of mascara for highlighting the eyes, and orange blush to bring it all together. This makes all the other colors on the face stand out. Vava voom! Click here for full tutorial.

5. Everyday Drugstore Makeup

From concealer to liner, Sccastaneda has a great tutorial on how inexpensive makeup products can work wonders on your face. No need to dish out so much cash, ladies! The steps are easy, click here for full tutorial.

6. Everyday Glam Makeup

Makeup by Eman shares her daily, yet glamorous makeup routine which covers all the basics. What minimal light makeup can do truly pays off in the end. She includes clever tricks like using eyeshadow to fill in your brows among other things and makes use of an array of make up brands. How nifty! Click here for full tutorial.

7. Audrey Hepburn Inspired Everyday Look

If you would like your makeup efforts to go directly to your eyebrows then why not get inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s classic look? It’s so easy to blow people away with big round eyes and the thick brows to top it off. Just click here for Augusta Jeorgia’s full tutorial inspired by the classic 60’s muse.

8. Flawless and Fast Everyday Makeup

These expert tips on how to apply flawless makeup quickly really are good to keep in mind! The folks at Glamour have nice pointers for healthy skin like applying SPF and remembering to use chapstick. Click here for full tutorial.

 9. Easy Everyday Makeup

This easy tutorial teaches you to cover up the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes with, not one, but two tones of concealer!  There’s also some bonus points tucked away at the bottom for tripple threat lip power! Via The Feisty House, click here for full tutorial.

10. Summer Sweetheart Everyday Look

Evian water on eyelids and lots of bright colors, Noe Mae knows how to bring some bright colors together. If you love fun pinks and corals on the eyelids and lips then click here for full tutorial.

11. Quick Everyday Makeup

Carly Musleh‘s quick everyday makeup method is great for a girl on the go. Everyone runs late to an event from time to time, leaving no time for detail or intricate makeup! But with some awesome direction, you can be looking pristine in no time. Click here for full tutorial.

12. Lisa Eldridge Everyday Makeup Look


An everyday look with makeup geared toward daylight, how delightful! Lisa Eldridge knows the beauty of subtlety when it comes to looking healthy and hapy. She reminds ladies to always curl your eyelashes! It’s here thing. Click here for full tutorial.

13. Going Natural Everyday Look 

It’s all about skin and brows, according to Teni. She says use of natural color is a great way to keep it simple, and two tones for the brows is a must. She also doesn’t forget to mention how great an SPF and foundation mix for everyday outings truly can be! Just click here for full tutorial.

14. Everyday Summer Look 

Primer on eyelids and impeccable liner that paralels the brow, Alexa Losey is all about eye detail for her summer look. Gentle cheeks are also part of her regiment, and to see how she does it just click here for full tutorial.

15. Fresh Face Makeup Tutorial 

Sheer foundation and fresh skin, an optimal way to look charmingly natural and awake. Dulce Candy says this is an awesome everyday routine if especially if you’re lacking sleep and want to make your lashes really stand out! Click here for full tutorial.

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