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feature | 9 Easy Braided Hairstyles For Spring 2017 | Makeup Tutorials
9 Easy Braided Hairstyles For Spring 2017 | Makeup Tutorials
Are you all fired up to put your hands to work with these easy braided hairstyles for spring? These pretty braided hairstyles are all you need to welcome the refreshing spring season! Easy Braided Hairstyles for Spring to Complete Your Look Spring is right around the corner and the closer it comes, the more excited I get! I can't wait…
DIY magnetic makeup palette Original Photo | DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette Tutorial | Upcycling An Old Watercolor Case | Featured
DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette Tutorial | Upcycling An Old Watercolor Case
Recreating makeup looks is one of the best ways to kill boredom now that many of us are required to stay at home. Now, wouldn't it be nice to customize your makeup in one magnetic palette for easy access instead of having to put them all out every time? Z palette is one of the go-to…
Easy DIY Lip Scrub Makeup Tutorial
You know what? Time and again, I'd see DIY lip scrub recipes and think to myself, "wow, that looks great, I should try it!" But then, I never get around to making one. I always relied on my old DIY lip scrub with Vaseline and white sugar. It gets kinda boring when you keep using…
Beautiful Updo Hairstyle Tutorials for Medium Length Hair

Beautiful updo hairstyles are perfect for many different occasions. And even the most intricate looking ones are often easier than they seem.

You might think that some styles can only work on long hair, but that's not the case at all. Even with short or medium length hair you can easily change up your boring hair with cool updos.

These easy updo tutorials can give you some great ideas

7 Awesome Homemade Makeup Products
*2020 Edition* We, as well as many others, are practicing social distancing while we stay at from home during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Instead of going out and buying new makeup, we thought it would be fun to make something instead — DIY makeup! I know I'm constantly searching for that perfect pink lipstick shade that just…
14 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks To Save You Money
Life-changing makeup hacks are those things makeup junkies like us should have up our sleeves. After all, many of us spend quite a lot of $$$ for our makeup… Tweet Share 4 Share Pin 7K 7K Shares
The Secret To Celebrity Makeup Transformations
Celebrity makeup transformations are often jaw dropping, but they are not as complicated as you might think. Today we'll reveal some best kept secrets behind these transformations,  plus provide some simple ways you can look like your favorite celebrity!
Diy Skin Care Products & Recipes| Home Remedies for Acne
 Home remedies for acne are a game changer for stubborn skin. Stop adding more chemicals to your diet and face to get rid of acne, and treat it the natural way instead. Read on for more!  Home Remedies for Acne Sometimes breakouts occur because of the harsh ingredients that you are using to fight it,…
How To Do Deep Crease- Eyeshadow Tutorial
Eye shadow application is an important part of your makeup regimen. Would you like to know how to do a cut crease eye shadow like a PRO? Well, read on for more info plus video! Deep Crease- Eye shadow Tutorial We all know that this eye shadow technique is quite tricky and complicated most especially for…
Eva Longoria Sultry Makeup Tutorial
Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood so its not surprise that women are itching to find out her beauty secrets! Well we can help you with that, thanks to this easy, breezy makeup tutorial you too can can look like this beautiful Latina actress!   The Eva Longoria Sultry Makeup Tutorial   Learn…