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5 Cinco de Mayo Makeup Ideas For A Glamorous At-Home Celebration

Once again, it’s about that time of the year to show everyone your Cinco de Mayo makeup creations! If anyone needed a reason to celebrate, then the good news is that May 5 is upon us and this could be the perfect time to concoct your margaritas at home and celebrate with our Mexican brothers and sisters — even in the middle of a lockdown.

If you’re worried about how to do that, let me take care of the dose of inspiration you need to create your own Cinco de Mayo makeup looks! Check out these five Cinco de Mayo fiesta-ready makeup work.

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Bring in the Cinco de Mayo Festival Feel With These Looks

1. Festival Glam

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Bring your glam on with this beautifully created Cinco de Mayo inspired makeup look by Nikkii_Makeup, the colors used — definitely inspired by the Mexican flag, and the detailed flower work lent this look a subdued festival feel.

2. Beauty and Pride

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800] Peach Gonzalez really nailed this one! She is definitely one gifted artist. She wore her pride in an unconventional way by creating a face paint of not the flag of Mexico but the map! This right here is not just makeup skills, it’s artistry at its finest.

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800] Meanwhile, Andrea Lee Adauto shows how to distinctly celebrate pride and heritage with her Mexican makeup look. What better way to show your nationalistic pride by using the Mexican flag design as your Cinco de Mayo eye look? Viva Mexico!

3. Cinco de Mayo Skull Beauty


How about a Cinco de Mayo skull makeup look for a creative twist to celebrate the festivities? I love how unconventional this skull makeup look is and how the use of the colors of the Mexican flag made it a definite Cinco de Mayo look in a very subtle way.

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4. Beauty Story

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800] You also will not go wrong with keeping it clean and beautiful. I love that Daniela Amezcua used a green eyeshadow under her eye because if you flipped those two colors, the red eyeshadow on the undereye would have made her eyes look tired. Using green on that part kept the look fresh and youthful.

5. Sarape Inspired

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800] You can also keep the look interesting by picking inspiration from other distinctly Mexican designs just like this mask-like Cinco de Mayo fiesta look inspired by the Mexican sarape. This garment is often worn by men but who’s to say women can’t wear it too? I think this makeup look by Jessica A.M. Kalil is an absolute work of art.

Meanwhile, Sinai Ruelas shows us a more wearable rendition of a sarape-inspired makeup look. Here, she manages to match her eye makeup with her outfit. This one’s definitely glowing with boldness!

I hope you enjoyed this list of Cinco de Mayo makeup looks and may it help you fuel your own creative pursuits in celebrating this much-loved Mexican festival. Remember social distancing is still in effect, despite the fact that we are celebrating in our homes instead of partying outside, let us celebrate Cinco de Mayo with beauty and colors!

Which look is your favorite on the list? Will you be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with your family at home? Let us know your thoughts! Share them in the comments section below.


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