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3 Best Eyeshadow Colors For Grey Eyes

Choosing the right eyeshadow for grey eyes may pose a challenge for some because of the harmony of grey, blue, and green hues. While it may sound intimidating, it is actually pretty easy to find the right eye makeup for grey eyes if you know color theory.

In this article, we show you makeup tutorials using the perfect eye shadow hues for those gorgeous grey eyes.

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Find the Right Colors of Eyeshadow for Grey Eyes Below!

1. Orange Hues

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An orange tone is a perfect eyeshadow for grey eyes. This complements the grey tone of your eyes beautifully because the orange hue makes the blue tones in your iris pop out.

Because the blue tones are highlighted, that makes your grey eyes appear more blue. Again, referring to the color theory chart, blue and orange go well together.

But remember that this does not mean that just one orange hue fits. It means any color that has an orange undertone works for this theory.

The colors include brown, beige, copper, peach, and the like. Experiment with different eyeshadow application techniques by using different tones of orange in one look.

To complement your eyeshadow look, here are some examples of lip colors that would work well:

  • Peach
  • Red
  • Nude/Muted peach
  • Coral

2. Violet Hues

@jess_wain_16Violet Eyeshadow Look ##foryoupage ##makeupartist ##fyp♬ original sound – jess_wain_13

Another perfect eyeshadow for grey eyes is violet. The tones in this color help to make your eyes look more green as it highlights the flecks of green in your iris.

Just like the orange hue above, don’t be restricted to just going for the color violet. Other colors having the violet undertone work beautifully with this approach as well.

So you can go for red, fuchsia, wine or plum for a darker variety, or go with purple or lavender for lighter hues. Better yet, mix the dark tones with the light ones and see what you come up with!

You can complement the violet hues with a black liner on your waterline and lashline, but it would be much better if you use brown liner instead. Try it out and see for yourself!

To complement your eyeshadow look, here are some examples of lip colors that would work well:

  • Mauve
  • Nude/Muted pink
  • Light brown
  • Rose
  • Barbie pink

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3. Grey Hues

closeup face beautiful girl silver smoky | Best Eyeshadow Colors For Grey Eyes

What better color to complement grey eyes than grey itself? That’s right, you can totally go full grey-scale on your eye makeup and your grey eyes will stand out beautifully.

Using grey tones against your grey eyes can work in two ways. If you opt to go for darker greys like charcoal or black, your grey eyes will appear lighter.

And if you go for brighter greys like silver and light grey, it will make your eyes appear darker. Much like the advice given above, you can use both light and dark greys in one eyeshadow look and it will still work perfectly for your eyes.

To complement your eyeshadow look, here are some examples of lip colors that would work well:

  • Nude
  • Sky pink

Check out this smokey eyeshadow for grey eyes tutorial from Maya Mia:

And there you have it for the list of best eyeshadow for grey eyes! Try out the hues listed above and experiment by mixing and matching them together.

All it takes is a little trial and error and you’ll achieve a gorgeous look on you in no time!

Did you learn something from our list of the best eyeshadow for grey eyes? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments section below.

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