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13 Highly Rated Halloween Makeup Kits To Add To Cart Now!

Whether you’re going spooky scary or fantasy fairy this Halloween, we’ve got the makeup kits that will provide the creeps or leave you hauntingly beautiful.

You can use what you already have in your makeup palettes to create Halloween makeup looks, but there are products that are irreplaceable. We’ve lined up the best Halloween makeup kits that will cover all bases from gory scars to neon body art.

They’ll be talking about your costume until Christmas.

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Win This Year’s Best Costume Award With These Halloween Makeup Kits

Halloween Makeup Kits | Below $15

1. Mehron Makeup Clown White Professional Makeup

We’re not clowning around when we say that this brand has been owning the costume game since 1927. This clown and mime makeup will apply smoothly and remain budge-proof even if you’re going as the weeping clown this year. If Stephen King’s IT was your jam this year, add to cart!

2. Halloween Temporary Face Tattoos

If you don’t feel like piling on Halloween makeup kits this year, then this easy route to gorgeous makeup is the solution. Adhere these luminous tattoos onto your face for your easiest 20-second makeup look ever. These tattoos wash off just as easily with an oil-based remover.

3. Juicy Vampire Blood and Vampire Teeth Set

Are you a team vampire or team werewolf?

Creep them out with a haunting smile with this blood and vampire teeth set! Wear it with pale white face makeup, black eyeshadow, and a blood red lipstick. Otherwise, wipe on some heavy bronzer and swipe on a dark brown lipstick, growl at your own risk.

It comes in three pairs of varying sizes and an adhesive gel so you can attend three different parties this year.

4. Kangaroo’s Monster Liquid Latex

Need to feign wrinkles, a large gash, or restructure your face? There’s only so much that contouring and highlighting can do, you’ll need this liquid latex for the most drastic contour of your life. Pro Halloween makeup kits are never complete without this HG tool.

You can paint over its clear finish and easily peel it off when Halloween is over. There’s no way those wrinkles are staying on our faces.

5. Doodle Time Face Paint Crayons Kit

Here’s a treat for both kids and adults to enjoy! These non-toxic face crayons are hypoallergenic and super easy to use thanks to their twistable design. Keep your face paint clean and sanitary, this Halloween makeup set requires no fingers or makeup brushes.

Halloween Makeup Kits | Below $20

6. Blue Squid Pro Neon Glow Body Paint Palette

Enjoy pigmented neon hues with this neon Halloween makeup kit! Paint your face and body with this skin-safe, water-based neon makeup. It comes with a thin brush, flat brush, and six glorious colors so you can achieve different looks.

The pigments will last all day so that you’ll look just as glamorous (and some more) in the evening.

7. UCANBE Athena Face Body Paint Oil

These 20 creamy pops of color will upgrade you from a pretty pixy to an ethereal elf. This paint applies like a cream, dries quickly, and remains crack-resistant throughout the day. Remove with a heavy oil-based remover or professional makeup remover, and double cleanse!

Blendable, but smudge-proof. What a dream, right?

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Halloween Makeup Kits | Below $30

8. COKOHAPPY Halloween Party Stage Special Effects Wound

Looking for a one-stop-shop kit that has everything you’ll need? This special effects Halloween makeup kit has everything you need to achieve a gory look – skin wax, fake blood, a gum adhesive, a spatula. You’ll look like a zombie without having to stay up all night. Or perhaps, you can don a Wednesday Addams makeup look?

9. Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG Bigger, Badder Volumizing Mascara

Swipe on mascara with a luxurious formula to be a sexy creature of the night.

Working with layers upon layers of cream and powders, you’re almost guaranteed to wash out and flatten your eyes. Keep them bright and popping with this volumizing mascara from Benefit Cosmetics!

1o. Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Pro Balm Face Primer Pore Minimizer

This cult-favorite HG item deserves a spot in your Halloween makeup kit as well. It will keep your pores minimized, makeup budge-proof, and will act as a protective barrier between your skin and special effects makeup whatever Halloween makeup look it may be.. Your skin is only allowed to be scary once a year.

11. Master Airbrush Master Performance G233 Pro Set With 3 Nozzle Sets

Going all out with body paint? Don’t paint it on, spray it on!

Spray on fine details or a large area with three different nozzles of varying widths. A winner in versatility, you can use this for cake decorations in December, and romantic nail art in February.

Halloween Makeup Kits | Pro Kits for the Career Halloween Enthusiasts

12. Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Pro Face Paint Palette (30 colors)

A beauty that finds use in a 30-color makeup palette is a woman after my own heart. Leave the mini kits to the amateurs and go all out with color, pigment, and saturation with this 30-color professional makeup kit.

Truly an expert in Halloween makeup and color, the brand even provides us with three white pots and three black pots. You can mix these colors up and come up with as much as 100 different hues from one palette alone.

13. Mehron Makeup Special FX Kit

If you’re dead set on winning the best costume this year, let me introduce you to the ultimate Halloween makeup kit. It includes a face paint palette, clear latex for special effects, fake blood, and a powder puff applicator. It also comes with step-by-step instructions so you can go from amateur to pro overnight.

All that’s left is the confidence to own the Halloween makeup look.

Check out Mykie’s pro Harley Quinn makeup tutorial:

Are you feeling that the best costume award is within your grasp? These top-rated Halloween makeup kits will help you achieve your ghoul goals and help you nab that award! The best part is there’s nothing scary about the price tags.

Keep your Halloween makeup effects on the whole day with a great primer and scare even the demons away with scariest Halloween makeup ideas! Stay gorgeous while you’re at it with a swipe of a volumizing mascara. Yes, a perfect set of lashes matches even a witch’s crooked nose.

Were you the scariest Belle in the ball? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below.


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