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Glam Makeup For Mature Skin | Makeup Tutorials Guide

Do you want to learn how to do glam makeup for mature skin? This makeup tutorial will guide you through the steps on how to create a full-on glamorous look for those special occasions!

Glam Makeup For Mature Skin: From Drab to Fab!

There’s no age limit in the wonderful world of makeup. With the right look, you can always take years off your age. It’s all about knowing what colors to use and which makeup mistakes to avoid for mature skin. Today, you’re going to learn how to do glam makeup for mature skin… because you deserve to look dolled up too! Don’t worry, the steps from Monique Parent’s Youtube video are pretty easy to follow. So let’s begin!


Step 1: Moisturize and prime.

Mature skin tends to be dry so it is important that you properly prep your skin for a full-face makeup look like this. Start by applying moisturizer and then leave it to dry. Once dry, apply face primer, I suggest you use a moisturizing primer as well, let’s make sure that the skin is well hydrated. Everyone’s skin is different, but in most cases, mature skin is going to be dry.


Step 2: Apply concealer.

Apply your go-to concealer under the eyes and on the lids. This will help hide the dark undereye circles as well as even out uneven skin tone on the lids. However, I suggest that you do this very carefully, apply less product, because the more product you apply the higher the chances of creasing and caking.

When you’re done with that, do spot concealing on areas that you want to conceal like the sides of the nose, edges of the lips, dark spots, acne marks, etc. You’d want to achieve a flawless look as much as possible for this glam makeup for mature skin.


Step 3: Apply foundation.

One of the most important parts of achieving a flawless look is getting the foundation right. It has to give you that perfect coverage you need as well as hide the fine lines that you don’t want showing. For an even application, use a foundation brush. Avoid using powder or any matte foundations for this step.

On the neck, you can choose to apply foundation or a tinted moisturizer instead.


Step 4: Apply setting powder.

To set the foundation in place, apply a setting powder. You may also apply a slightly shimmery powder around the eyes, just to give it a bit of a brightening effect. Again, apply less because you don’t want the powder to cling on the dry areas of the face. I’d personally apply setting powder on the t-zone only.


Step 5: Apply bronzer and blush.

For a glam makeup, your cheeks should never look pale. Apply bronzer all over the face for added glow effect and then proceed with applying the blush. It’s best to pick a shade that’s a bit lighter, like a flushed pink shade, because you’re still going to add more later.


Step 6: Fill in the eyebrows.

Fill in the brows with an eyebrow pencil. It’s easier to use when filling in brows with sparse hair. However, if you’re used to using brow gels and powder, those are great too–whatever works for you! For me, this is the most important part in any makeup application because it frames your face and it will definitely make you look younger.


Step 7: Apply eyeshadow.

In this tutorial, the main color used was pink. You can always change it if you want. Apply the eyeshadow all over the lid. Work your way up and cover the entire area under the brows but use with a lighter hand for a more blended look.

Now get a gray eyeshadow and apply right on the crease. Make sure to blend it properly. You’re doing a soft cut crease to add depth to your eyes.

Now using a dark purple eyeshadow, line the outer corner of the eye and go up to the crease. The line should end where the iris ends as well. After lining, buff a little to diffuse the harsh line.


Step 8: Apply eyeliner.

Line the upper lash line and then tightline as well to make sure everything is covered. Add one or two layers of liquid eyeliner to add more definition.


Step 9: Apply mascara.

Curl your lashes and apply an ample amount of mascara on the upper lashes.


Step 10: Apply lip liner.

If you want to make your lips appear a bit bigger, this is the best time to do so. Draw into the edges of the lips. Add height on the cupid’s bow, but make sure you also add width on the corners of the lips. This should even out the look. Apply lip liner all over the lip.


Step 11: Apply lipstick.


Now, just apply the lipstick of your choice. But do note that this is a glam makeup look so it’s best to go bright and bold with your lips! Since this is a glam makeup for mature skin, a bolder lipstick shade would do, but normally I’d prefer using neutral shades for the lips.


Step 12: Wear false eyelashes.

Glam looks need tons of eye drama and mascara just won’t cut it. To complete your look, wear false eyelashes!


Finished Look

Now, you can go back to your eyes or cheeks if you feel the need too. If you’re going to a place where you’ll be photographed a lot, you can dab more blush and bronzer and a bit of eyeshadow as needed. And that’s it!  You are all glammed up and ready to partaaaay!


Want to look younger? Here are six makeup mistakes to avoid from New Beauty Magazine:

For older women, it can be quite intimidating to apply makeup now that all the signs of aging are becoming more visible by the day. But let me tell you this, all you need to know are the right looks and products to use and you can still rock it! It’s not always about trying to look younger too. Sometimes, you just want to accentuate your natural beauty as you gracefully age as well. So I hope that you liked this glam makeup for mature skin and look fabulous on your next shindig!

Do you have any other makeup looks for mature skin that you’d want to share with us? Please sound off in the comments below!

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