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woman-wearing-winter-clothes-winter-colors | Winter Colors You Should Try For Your Hair | # 8 Is Fabulous! | featured

Winter Colors You Should Try For Your Hair | # 8 Is Fabulous!

Winter is coming! Is your hair ready? Be gorgeous this season by wearing any of these beautiful winter colors for your hair.

Hi, ladies! How are you doing with your Christmas plans? If you want to look extra gorgeous during your parties and family gatherings, you’ve come to the right blog post. I am going to talk about this year’s best winter colors for your hair.

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10 Hair Winter Colors  For A More Glam Look This Holiday

1. Ravishing Red

young-woman-having-a-tea | hair colors
This year’s winter colors are all about boldness and full color, and we begin with this ravishing red shade. This one is actually inspired by Aurora red hue, which is kind of deep red yet earthy. If you want a better idea of the shade, look up Disney’s Aurora online.

2. Beautiful Blue

women-with-blue-dyed-hair-looking-down | hairstyles

Be like Elsa this season! Never let the winter chill bother you by dying your hair blue. For this season, you have two beautiful blue shades: icy and dark.

The icy blue hair is similar to Pantone’s Airy Blue, and as you can see, it’s light –  a great color if you love a more laid-back, casual vibe.

Looking for something dark? Try this one, which is similar to Riverside, a sophisticated take on blue.

3. Charming Coral

young-woman-with-a-big-vase-of-roses | long hairstyles

Coral shades are not just for summer, especially if we’re talking about hair winter colors. It also pays homage to Pantone’s potter’s clay, which has orange undertones. Another equally charming option is tangerine.

4. Gorgeous Green

portrait-of-a-green-haired-girl | bold hair colors

Every time I think of green, I remember the Little Mermaid. I am not sure why – is it because the ocean waters are blue-green? Anyway, for 2020 winter colors for your hair, I have this gorgeous recommendation for you.

This green hair gives your look an edgy but not grungy update. Keeping it light also stops it from overpowering whatever holiday makeup you want to have.

5. Mesmerizing Mustard

woman-with-yellow-hair-s | long hairstyle colors

To be honest, yellow isn’t my thing, but I think it’s because it always means gold in the makeup dictionary. Well, when we speak of hair, it doesn’t have to be so bad. Just check out this mustard hair, which is like metallic gold’s matte version. This one takes a cue from Pantone’s spicy mustard.

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6. Pretty Pink

pretty-girl-with-pink-hair-vanilla-color-fashion-mix | pink hair color

When it comes to pink, you can go light or bold. For something light, there’s bubble gum pink, which is a really cute, airy, light shade.

If you want to go daring, you have Fuschia. Not everyone can deal with this color. It’s just too intense, really, and is more fitting for ladies with fair or pale skin.

Either way, both of these pink shades can be likened to Pantone’s Dusty Cedar.

7. Lovely Lilac

girl-in-autumn-park-portrait | winter hair colors

It’s berry and purple season! And it applies to both hair and makeup. But since the point here is to look different but beautiful, why don’t you go for lilac? It’s a vibrant purple shade that reminds you of spring (how’s that for beating the winter chill?). It also complements accessories and makeup that are pink and red.

8. Glamorous Gray

woman-in-black-zip-up-hoodie-and-platinum-hair | silver gray hair
If you’re already wearing this year’s granny or platinum hair, good for you! There’s no reason to change hair color yet unless you want to try other choices here. If you haven’t, don’t be afraid to join the trend. It’s still on this season!

9. Blackest Black

woman-in-white-fur-coat | black hair color

If don’t have naturally black hair, then this season is perfect to try it out. The dark shade is perfect for the gloomy weather and not to mention easy to maintain!

10. Blonde Goddess

woman-wearing-a-coat | blonde hairstyle

Of course, we will not end the list without stating the obvious! A great color for every season, blonde. This hair color looks so perfect in the cold season you’ll absolutely look like a goddess.

While you can sport whatever hair winter colors you like, it’s always nice to find the right one. To help you out, you better watch this video:

Aren’t these absolutely lovely? They’re even a lot of fun and an awesome way to update your look and pleasantly surprise your friends and family. But always remember, color-treated hair needs extra loving. Use the right hair product, and you’ll deal with only shiny, gorgeous locks without the frizz.

These hair winter colors are inspired by the recent Pantone hues and let me tell you, they are beyond words beautiful. It’s incredible how we can play around with colors. Pair them with the right makeup and you’ll have an attention-grabbing, head-turning look!

What is your favorite of all these winter colors? I super love number 8. Do you agree? Let me know your answer in the comments section.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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