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feature | 2016 Makeup Trends That Need To Die In 2017

2016 Makeup Trends That Need To Die In 2017

From glitter to excessive smoky eye looks, these are the different 2016 makeup trends you should avoid next year.

Out with the old, in with the new – this pretty much sums up my New Year every single year. I think it’s important to remove those that are already outdated or unnecessary in your life so you will have more space for new experiences. :) It’s also the same thing when it comes to makeup. While some styles are timeless, others may have to “retire” to give you a chance to try something new or even upgrade your makeup looks. Today let me share my 2016 makeup trends that should be buried before the year’s over.

Disclaimer: These 2016 makeup trends are entirely my choice — my opinion. :) Basically, these are based on my taste. Also, I am not saying you should not wear them any longer, as they may be fitting for a particular season or occasion, but I highly recommend you lessen wearing them. If you have concerns about my choices, well, I welcome your comments. *wink* No hard feelings, definitely.


1. Excessive Highlighting And Contouring

2016 Makeup Trends That Need To Die In 2017

I do contouring and highlighting, especially this winter. It’s one of the best ways to achieve a dewy, glowing look. But there’s a huge difference between applying your makeup products in the right places and being so obsessed with them. What I’m trying to say is this: Find the right highlighter or illuminator for you, know how to apply them, and please don’t go overboard. You don’t need an uber-shiny face.


2. Overly Dark Smoky Eyes

Oh, I can already hear you say, “What?!” I’ve always considered the smoky eyes to be a classic – and I still do. But dark eyes everywhere, Panda style? Naaaah. For next year, try new ways to don the “smoky” makeup look by using bold shades such as red and orange. Play with more colors!


3. Too Much Glitter

Glitter lips, glitter lids, glitter tears, glitter nails, glitter eyeshadows – get rid of too much glitter in your life! There are many ways to look sparkly, like applying glossy lippies.


4. Grunge

A lot of 2016 makeup trends pay tribute to the 90s like the grunge makeup look, but I think this doesn’t really deserve another year. It’s just too common it’s getting quite boring. But if you can’t say bye-bye to this one, then try other ways to do grunge, including the soft grunge, which is wearable at any time of the day.


5. Faux Freckles

Who doesn’t love a sun-kissed skin? But faux freckles are not just my thing. Plus, it’s tricky to do. Wrong tools and makeup, and you end up looking real funny.


6. Kylie Jenner Lips

Remember the suction cup challenge this year? The last time I check, it was a disaster! If you have Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner lips, then good for you. But if you don’t, skip the hassle of trying because it’s no longer pleasing and it’s already outdated.


7. Gold Makeup

Gold makeup is hard to pull off, not to mention it makes you stand out like a sore thumb in an awkward way. Enjoy something cool for a change like a red eyeshadow or even a sunset eyeshadow makeup. If you still want something bolder, go for orange.


8. Ear Makeup

Seriously, why? Just because it looks edgy on the runway doesn’t have to mean you need to copy it in real life. Definitely one of the worst 2016 makeup trends for me.


But where were we before these 2016 makeup trends? If you’re wondering what we did with our makeup in 2015, then you better watch this, like, SERIOUSLY, see this. It’s damn funny!

Now I shared my 2016 makeup trends to kill in 2017, what is on your list? :) But for real, if you wish to stick with these, no problem. As long as you feel good and your makeup showcases your beauty and confidence, go for it, girl!

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Do you have 2016 makeup trends you want to avoid in 2017? I’d love to know what’s on your list. Share them in the comments section and let’s compare notes. Got some makeup you just love? Try this! 


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