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Christmas Outfit Ideas | Cozy Pieces You Can Buy For Less Than $50

Christmas doesn’t have to be sweater weather all the time. Create different looks with these cozy Christmas outfit ideas for less than $50!

Ladies, I have a question: what does Christmas mean to you? Perhaps it’s about family, presents, eggnog and food, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire (sing along with me!). For me, it’s about all those things and one more: weather. Christmas weather can be so different if you’re spending it in Las Vegas and New York. But one thing is for sure. There will be a lot of sweater weathers – you know, when you want to beat the cold by grabbing the nearest ugly sweater. Guess what, girls, it doesn’t have to be! There are a lot of cozy Christmas outfit ideas available out there.

20 Christmas Outfit Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

This post was originally posted on Cute Outfits and shared with permission

I have here 20 (yes, 20!) Christmas outfit ideas so affordable you can get them for no more than $50. These pieces are from Mason & Ivy, which I learned the past few days sells some of the trendiest fashion items at discounted prices. It’s really cool! On the list, you’ll find dresses, bottoms, tops, skirts, and a few accessories that are warm, comfortable, trendy, functional, and easy to mix and match. Hope you enjoy shopping these items!


1. Corey Knit Oversized Sweater ($34)

Spell comfy with this oversized knit sweater with some cashmere fabric. So it’s plush and soft! It also has buttons at the front when you desperately need to bundle up.


2. Bridgette Plus-Size Multiway Cardigan ($46)

Never believe cardigans are meant for only casual looks. You can pair it with jeans, skirts, and, in this case, a formal pair of loose pants. It’s one of the best ways to dress up from work to party.


3. Ester Wedge Boots ($42)


These boots are made for walking at shopping boulevards just in case you’re looking for more holiday presents for family and friends. This pair works really well with almost any type of winter clothing, including jeans, skirts, and long dresses. Made from a faux suede finish, with metallic gold buttons and tassels, these knee-high boots are elegant and classy.


4. Alexia Navy Bomber Jacket ($26)

Don’t want to wear oversized sweaters? No problem! Just get this navy bomber jacket, which is a versatile piece. Roll the sleeves up and unzip the front when you want to flaunt your chic holiday top or the weather’s not chilly anymore.


5. Infinity Scarf ($7)

If you don’t fancy long scarves – I understand, they can be pretty annoying and difficult to wear – get this infinity scarf. It’s available in various colors such as black, navy, gray, and burgundy. These are shades that fit the winter season.


6. Daniella Plus-Size Denim Jacket ($52)


I-LOVE-DENIM! It’s one of the cutest and practical Christmas outfit ideas. It never goes out of style, it’s chic with a hint of masculinity, and gives any fashion piece, from dresses to even denim jeans, the edge it needs to stand out.


7. Mia Black Fringe Dress ($32)

Adding fringes gives a new and fresh take on the classic little black dress. Further, the dress gives you a perfect excuse to show a bit of skin and be sexy in the middle of chilly weather. Just complement this with a pair of knee-high boots or booties, and you’re on a roll!


8. Riley Lace-Up Booties ($42)

Two words: suede and leather. These two are actually in-demand materials for this holiday season. These lace-up booties also give you height, confidence, and style even in the gloomiest weather.


9. Lucy Panama Hat ($13)

Bring a fave summer accessory to the winter. Pair your jeans, layers, and oversized sweaters with this Lucy Panama hat and watch your look transform from average to ultra stylish.


10. Diana Charcoal Swing Dress ($47)


This is probably one of the chicest Christmas outfit ideas sold by Mason & Ivy. It’s easy to wear, quick to accessorize, and a very versatile piece. It highlights your smokey makeup too. It can go very well with leggings, thick stockings, booties, thigh-high boots, high-heeled shoes, and belts. This is also a perfect excuse to hide your bloated tummy after hours of eating and merrymaking. :)


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What are your favorite Christmas outfit ideas on the list? Let me know the comments section. I’m excited to know. If you want ideas for holiday party looks, I’ve got you covered here


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