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The Difference Between Silicone, Cream & Lotion Face Primers

Free Beauty Samples | How To Get Them Without A Fuss

Are you looking for beauty on a budget? This list is for you! Find out the best online places to score free beauty samples!

Lets’s admit it, ladies, we want things cheap. That’s why we dig free beauty samples! There’s really nothing wrong with that. The problem is usually you have to go through many things before you can get one. Or you go to a beauty store and compete with other women for mini sizes of makeup, moisturizers, and whatnots. Sometimes the process gets too tiring you can’t help but ask, “Are these free things even worth my time and effort?” But here’s the good news: there are a lot of awesome places online that give you some of the best makeup brands. Not only that, they can provide you with free beauty samples.

Grab Amazing Free Beauty Samples Online Today!

To be clear, these free beauty samples are not entirely, well, free. Reality check: nothing’s truly free these days, right? In many instances, you get them only when you buy other products. Nevertheless, when you get more products than what you paid for, you know you have made an excellent deal. Are you ready to find out what these online places are?


1. Sephora

Anybody who’s been into makeup and skincare knows Sephora. It’s like our beauty mecca! Sephora stores are fortunately everywhere, but then again, why drive when you can shop online? Best of all, you can get great free beauty samples including this Eye Dew Total Eye Cream from Farmacy, which has a standard retail price of $38 (!) by the way. Yeah, HUGE SAVINGS. Your dark eye circles will also thank you for it.  

Now, if you don’t get this, don’t fret. Sephora has regular free samples for you, so just visit their site as often as you can or bookmark this page for reference. :)


2. Ulta

If I’m not checking out Sephora, then you can definitely imagine me browsing through Ulta Beauty. And if you’ll go to the website today, you’ll know they’re running great makeup deals for you. For example, if you buy 3 Benefit Cosmetics minis, you will get 1 free. You can choose to buy one kind of makeup or get three different types – it’s all up to you. Prices range from $10 to $15, so they’re affordable.

No7 Cosmetics also runs a promo on Ulta, which is buy 2 get 1 free. A lot of your choices are primers, foundations, and powders to give you that soft, radiant glow anytime of the day. I particularly fancy Airbrush Away Foundation, which is available in 12 colors, so the product is great for a wide variety of skin tones.

These deals are good up to December 24, 2016, only, so you better hurry up!


3. Smashbox Cosmetics

Traveling for the weekend or the holidays perhaps? Smashbox Cosmetics has freebies for you. You can choose between a makeup travel bag, which you can get for a minimum purchase of $50 of Smashbox products, or a 3-piece set, including the bag and the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (for oil-prone skin), for a purchase of $65 and above.

Smashbox also gives you free shipping and free returns. Lots of free stuff here! I am not sure how long these offers are going to last, so if I were you, don’t miss the chance.


4. Amazon

Do you know Amazon is offering sample beauty boxes? In fact, there are two designed for us, ladies. One is Beauty Sample Box, which contains at least 15 samples (wow!). These include L’Oreal Revitalift Bright Reveal Moisturizer with SPF30, so your skin is not only hydrated but also protected from the harmful rays of the sun – just what you need to slow down skin aging.

If you’re looking for something luxe, pick Luxe Beauty Box, which has 20 samples (more wow!) such as Meaningful Beauty Skin Renewing Peel. Try this if you want to be one step closer to Cindy Crawford. Also, you get Julep nail polish, which has a stunning red color, perfect for the holiday season!

These boxes cost something, and you get these only if you’re a Prime member. But here’s the kicker: whatever amount you pay gets credited BACK to your Amazon account. In other words, they still count as free beauty samples.


5. Mac Cosmetics

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

We all know Mac lippies aren’t the cheapest. That’s why we look for dupes. But here’s a secret (well, not anymore since I’ll be sharing this with you): you can get one for FREE. Yes, you read that correctly. How? By joining its recycling program called Back to Mac.

Back to Mac has a very simple instruction: just return 6 empty containers of their makeup, such as those of lipsticks, to them, and you get something free like a Mac lipstick. You can choose up to three shades – there are hundreds of shades to pick! – and they will give you the highest-ranked shade among your choices.


6.  Allure

Allure has one of the best free beauty samples programs called Try It I’ve seen online. All of the products offered like Pixi Beauty by Petra Tonic Glow have been reviewed by experts, so you know you’re getting a good product. Most of all, you don’t get packets or travel-sized products but big ones, enough to let you try them for a good amount of time and experience their real benefits.

Owning one of these beauty samples is easy too. Join the program, choose the product you wish to have, fill out a form, and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. That easy! However, promo runs until supplies last, and the last time they ran this, all of these samples are grabbed within hours.


7. Odacite

Still having skin hangover due to Thanksgiving and Black Friday? How about an oily skin or hyperpigmentation? Odacite has a solution for almost every skin woe you have, and it comes in the form of serum concentrates. These serums are made from high-performing organic oils that have been cold pressed. Sounds fantastic, I know.

But Odacite serums can be pricey at $32 to $40+ per bottle, so why don’t you get these bottles for free? Just go here and pick three serum bottles you can test for your skin type. Although you still have to pay for shipping, you’ll still be spending way less.


8. L’Oreal Paris

It’s not only your skin that deserves a fix. Your hair needs a makeover too! If you’re thinking of switching to L’Oreal Paris, now is the best time. Visit their website, select your particular hair problem (like frizzy hair or dull hair), find out the best L’Oreal shampoo for that, join the website, and receive your free shampoo.


9. L’Occitane


There’s a good reason why many people love L’Occitane: the products are made from the finest ingredients. They smell really good, they are soft on the skin, their creams are non-greasy, and they work. If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re lucky. You can enjoy free beauty samples right here.


10. Makeup Tutorials

Lastly, but certainly, not the least, there’s us! Yes, we’re giving away free samples to you, guys! Through our partnership with American Beauty Association (ABA), you’ll have one of the best flat-top brushes there is. The Mieoko kabuki brush gives you medium to full coverage, thanks to its 22,000 soft and gentle bristles. There’s no need to sign up for newsletters or anything. Just pay for postage and handling (really cheap: $2.95), and we’ll send one to you right away.


If you’re a big mobile user (like me), you can join Influenster. It has an app that allows you to review hundreds of products, including makeup, skincare, and haircare. To get to know more about it, see this video:

Who wants free beauty samples? Me! You! All of us! Most of them may not be full-sized packages,but they’re great to help you try these brands or products and see if they’re a good fit for you. In the meantime, make sure you bookmark this post and use this as your reference the next time you want something next to nothing.


Do you know of other online places to grab free beauty samples? Share them with us and place your suggestions below. Meanwhile, grab these products before the fall is over!


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