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Holiday Outfit Roundup To Rock Around The Clock

Looking for the best holiday outfits? I can’t blame you. Being a beauty blogger, the holidays shouldn’t stop any of us from looking our best, as a matter of fact, it should be the opposite. Ugly sweaters shouldn’t be out of your list but I can’t say it should be the only one either. So if you want to be ready to take your obligatory Instagram photos this Christmas, then check out the best holiday outfits I rounded up just for you. Oh, and did I mention there’s a bonus?

Be Christmas Ready with the Best Holiday Outfits

I’ve always found the winter season quite challenging. It’s easy to see why a lot of women may just want to settle with an old sweater, it is sweater season after all. But as you probably know by now, I’m not the kind of person who wouldn’t take up a good challenge.

So I set out on a quest to find out the best holiday outfits a lady can wear and went to my friend Lauren. She’s an amazing DIYer so I probably had it coming when she gave me a mermaid tail blanket as an advance Christmas present. I’m not really sure how I can wear this to my office Christmas party but it was a thoughtful gesture. It can get a bit frustrating when you have good ideas, but you want only the very best. If it would’ve been a question of “What holiday drugstore makeup sets should I hoard?” or “What winter lipstick shades should I have in my makeup bag?” this would be a different story altogether. So when I got off the phone with my friend Jackie, I knew her answer was what I was looking for. Being a frugal holiday shopper, I only want the best quality and style for my money. So if you’re anything like me, dive into this list and be Christmas ready with the best holiday outfits!


1. DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I didn’t promise an ugly sweater will be off my list. I have to admit that they actually have a soft spot in my heart. This is the only time of the year when you can wear something ugly and still be fashionable. Take it from the Queen B herself. Just look how she rocks that sweater as a cardigan!


2. Chic Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Whoever said ugly Christmas sweaters have to stay ugly or funny? They can also be cute and chic, just take it from this list of cute ugly Christmas sweaters.


3. Christmas Costumes

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween. Christmas parties can also be the best time to be a little creative with what you wear. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to be a sexy Mrs. Santa.


4. Holiday Party Ensemble

If a costume isn’t your thing, then I’m sure these holiday party ensembles will be your fancy. A little black dress is always fitting for any party, don’t you think?


5. Holiday Party Fashion

If you don’t think those ensembles weren’t enough, here are 7 more holiday party fashion ideas that will make you look like a star. Glitter, shimmer and all!


6. Holiday-Ready Mason & Ivy Picks

Holiday-Ready Mason & Ivy Picks | Best Holiday Outfits You Can Rock This Christmas
image via masonandivy – Click to Shop!

This is the site my friend Jackie was raving about. This list has stunning must-haves to get you holiday-ready this season. And trust me, there’s more where that came from.


For those of us who have the knack at sewing, this list from my friend Bailey is for you. Breathe new life to your old clothes and even fabric scraps and make your own trendy winter fashion outfits.


8. Cozy Christmas Outfit Ideas Less Than $50

Never sacrifice quality for price. That’s why when you have fashion pieces less than $50, I say go for it and start shopping!


9. Urban Outfitters Picks

These are great gift ideas for your friend who’s obsessed with Urban Outfitters. But I’m pretty sure you’ll also find something you’ll want to keep for yourself.


10. Holiday Outfit Style Guide

Holiday Outfit Style Guide | Best Holiday Outfits You Can Rock This Christmas
image via masonandivy – Shop the look here!

When you feel like you need a guide with what outfit to wear for every holiday situation, this is it. From your office party to baking cookies, you’ll look stunning all the time.


11. Cute Knitwear Outfit

Knitwear has always been a winter staple. It’s probably time to update your collection with these cute knitwear outfits you can wear all sweater weather long.


12. Holiday Party Looks

There will be holiday parties left and right. I’m sure you have more than a couple of Christmas parties lined up this year, so here are more ideas and looks for you to choose from.


13. Wear Burgundy

There are so many ways you can wear winter’s favorite color — burgundy! Get all the ideas you need from shoes to hats to your entire ensemble, you can’t go wrong.


14. Dress Up Like a Celebrity

Ever wanted to look like Gigi Hadid this winter? You might be thinking it will cost you an arm and a leg but it won’t! Get celebrity-like winter outfits without breaking the bank with the closest things in the market.


15. In Vogue and Cozy Winter Wear Ideas

Being fashionable means keeping up with the trend come rain or snow. See what you can mix and match to get the perfect look while staying toasty.


16. Have Faux Fur

This diverse piece of fabric should be the star of your holiday look, because it would be too hot to wear it in any other season right?


17. Plus Size Fashion

Having a full figure doesn’t mean you have to get stuck with wearing sweaters during the holiday. All you need are these pointers and tips and you’ll look fabulous with your curves all winter long.


18. Cute Holiday Outfits for Your Wardrobe

Look chic all holiday long by having all of these cute holiday outfits in your wardrobe. Sometimes all it takes is some red and a little splash of glitter to make it work.


19. DIY Boot Cuffs

These Ester Wedge boots below are just perfect for any holiday party you’ll be attending. It has a boho-chic vibe perfect to be worn over your leggings skinny jeans or even with a dress. And when you add a DIY boot cuff, you don’t need anything else.

Ester Wedge boots | Best Holiday Outfits You Can Rock This Christmas
image via masonandivy – Click here to shop!


20. Winter Scarf

A scarf should be something you should always have in your closet. Just like this charcoal grey fringe scarf you can get from Mason and Ivy. Don’t forget to try 11 different ways to wear your scarf this winter too!

Charcoal Grey Fringe Scarf | Best Holiday Outfits You Can Rock This Christmas
image via masonandivy – Click here to shop!


21. The Right Winter Coat

With the cold weather, before you can get to any holiday party, you better have a coat. It can be pretty hard to walk around without one on but you have to make sure you have the right one for your body type. And great news, you just need 5 steps to achieve that!


22. Corey Knit Oversized Sweater – Click here to shop!

Batwing cuffed sleeves, soft cashmere blended finish, just imagining that makes me want to get this sweater now and wear it all winter long!


23. Madison Open Drape Cardigan – Get it here!

Madison Open Drape Cardigan | Best Holiday Outfits You Can Rock This Christmas
image via masonandivy

If sweaters aren’t your thing, then maybe an open drape cardigan is. It will add pattern and color to any outfit. And the classic plaid will make you look like one cool chic!


24. Model-Off Duty Sweater Dress – Click to Shop!

Model-Off Duty Sweater Dress | Best Holiday Outfits You Can Rock This Christmas
image via masonandivy

The name says it all. What do models who are off-duty wear during a holiday break? Sweater dresses of course! Get your own and play it low-key with this dress.


25. Claudia Black Ribbed Turtleneck – Get it here!

Claudia Black Ribbed Turtleneck | Best Holiday Outfits You Can Rock This Christmas
image via masonandivy

Sexy, sleek, just the turtleneck your closet is missing. You can wear it to work or pair it with your skinny jeans and boots for a perfect night-out outfit.


26. Somebody to Love Lace Dress – Click here to shop!

 Somebody to Love Lace Dress | Best Holiday Outfits You Can Rock This Christmas
image via masonandivy

Whoever said you can’t wear lace over winter has not seen this lace dress. With its roomy swing silhouette style, you’ll be the talk of any Christmas party you attend.


27. Holiday Makeup Looks

Holiday Makeup Looks | Best Holiday Outfits You Can Rock This Christmas
image via katieelizabethbutt

Turn heads everywhere you go with these easy holiday makeup looks. Make the holiday season look like a piece of cake and make everyone think your carefree even if you’re still not done with your Christmas shopping.


28. Glamorous and Dramatic Holiday Makeup

Glamorous and Dramatic Holiday Makeup | Best Holiday Outfits You Can Rock This Christmas
If you want to add a bit of drama to your look, then this makeup tutorial is for you. Channel your inner diva and stand out from the rest.


29. Sexy Red Nail Christmas Designs

Red is one of the colors of Christmas so I think it’s only fair you wear it on your nails too. Be sexy and merry trying any of these designs. You can even try one design for the 12 days of Christmas.


30. More Holiday Nail Art Designs

And if those aren’t enough, get more nail art designs here. They’re all too pretty to pass up I’m actually considering on wearing them even after the holiday season.



Easy Baby Winter Clothes

And if you thought I forgot your little bundle of joy, I didn’t. Here are some easy baby winter clothes you can sew for a wardrobe update for that little munchkin.


Santa Claus Dog Costume

Don’t have kids yet, then maybe you’re a pet parent and would love to dress up your pooch. Have him dressed up as Santa or Mrs. Santa Claus with a tutu.


Still want more holiday outfit ideas? Get more from Koleen Diaz’s winter lookbook!


And there you have it beauties, the best holiday outfits you can wear this season. Don’t let the cold weather get you down and beat the holiday blues by making sure you look stunning and on point anywhere you go. Give your wardrobe the update it needs and when you’re done shopping or sewing, always remember to take good care of your winter clothes so you can still use them next year.

Do you have your own go-to holiday outfit? Share it with me in the comments section below! And to keep your skin looking amazing even in the winter cold, don’t forget to include these winter beauty tips in your skincare routine!

Got photos of your holiday outfit? Post it in any of my social media accounts! Visit my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages!



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