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11 Ways To Fix Your Makeup After You’ve Been Crying

That feeling when you’ve just done your makeup and immediately after you feel like crying. So you do. You cry and you know your eyelashes are stuck together, your mascara is running down your cheeks, and you’ve got these terrible unsightly streaks on your face.

11 Ways To Fix Your Makeup After You’ve Been Crying

So what happens now? I’ll tell you what happens — you have somewhere to be so you start fixing your makeup. Check out these life saving tips for fixing your makeup after you’ve been crying. We know it’ll help, if only for a little while. Drum roll please…here’s the best tips that we could think of for helping you through those extra rough days.

1. Just Cry It All Out Before You Fix

Cry it all out before trying to fix your makeup.  You don’t want to be re-doing everything all over again when the welling up starts to happen.

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2. Take Deep Breaths and Blow Your Nose

When you think you are ready. Take a deep breath and let it go whatever it is that’s making you lose the emotions. Get your good old tissue paper – clear your nose of whatever that’s left from the crying.


3. Cold Compress

Let’s heal those puffy, swollen red eyes.  Get a wash cloth. Soak it in cold water until it is good and freezing and dab it over your face – never rub.


4.  Hydrocortisone?

If you have those eyes treated with cold compress and didn’t work you may try apply 1 percent hydrocortisone cream on lids, and underneath eyes.


5. Visine

A few drops of eye solution may help.


6.Use Q Tips To Smudge Or Fix Mascara

Smeared eyeliner and mascara.  You can use a tissue or q-tips, pat it around the area. Remember to not rub as it will only make things worst with the puffy eyes.

7. Concealer!

Use plenty of concealers on the area that’s red after crying – under the eyes, around the corners of your nostrils.
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8. Use the Lighter Eyeshadow’s In Your Palette

Lighter eyeshadow with a bit of shimmer will help brighten the eyes.  Just don’t over do it. Less is more.


9. Use Navy Eyeliner

Don’t use a black eyeliner on your lids. A dark navy blue liner will help soften the look.


10. Make Sure To Use An Eyelash Curler

Curl those lashes and apply two coats of waterproof mascara (just incase those tears start welling up again).

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11. Do Your Best To Smile

Now! The best part you SMILE and think of happy thoughts!


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