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Useful Makeup Tips and Tricks-Part 1

Do you want to know all the best makeup tips the pros are using? Well, don’t worry we’ve got you covered in part 1. Be sure to also read part 2 for more useful tips and tricks

Useful Makeup Tips and Tricks

Check out these best makeup tips to make your morning routine easier, we can’t make the traffic less on your way to work, but these tips are sure to save you time!


1. Just like curling a ribbon, you can curl your eyelashes by pinching your lashes between your thumb and a spoon, the spoon being on top.

2. While applying mascara, cover your eyelids with a business card, and move it back and forth opposite the way you are moving the mascara wand to remove clumps.

3. Place your pointer finger along side your nostril as you apply blush, you don’t want any blush there.

4. Placing tape along the outside of your eye socket can give you sharp lines for eyeshadow and eyeliner.

5. When concealing dark circles use a concealer only 1 shade lighter than your skin with a yellow undertone. Yellow will cancel out purple shadows, and too light of concealer will illuminate the circles and make them more prominent.


6. You can soften an eyeliner pencil by running the tip over a lighter flame, don’t hold there too long or it will melt. Allow it to cool for about 5 seconds before you apply.

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 8. If you have naturally dark eyelashes, you can substitute mascara with Vaseline by applying with a clean mascara wand. This will give you the same effect as mascara but be less drying to the lash, meaning less lash breakage.

9. Mixing Vaseline and eyeshadow creates any color lipgloss you can imagine. With this easy tip, you’ll never run out of lipgloss.

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10. Pumping your mascara wand back and forth into the container will dry out your mascara and create bacteria inside the tube. Instead, to soften dried mascara, drop 2-3 drops of contact solution into the tube. Still replace mascara every 3 months.

Image via Wilko

11. Instead of using a conventional mascara wand, which will leave the root of the lash uncolored, take a piece of wax paper and wrap it around the wand, squeeze the mascara off the wand onto the paper. Then, add one drop of contact solution to the mascara and mix. Apply to tops of lashes with a fan brush.

12. While brushing your teeth in the morning, also brush your lips. If you dont have official lip scrub, a little honey mixed with sugar will do the trick!

13. Opposing colors are what draw attention to our eyes. For blue eyes, use an orangish copper color, green/hazel eyes  plum color, and brown eyes may use any color.

14. Apply white or cream eyeliner to the inside rim of eyes to make them appear larger.


15. Run black eyeliner underneath top lashes to create a fuller look.


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