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Waterfall Braid | Hairstyle Tutorial

Waterfall braid has been in style for a little while and I dont think there going anywhere anytime soon. So if you haven’t yet learn how to do this style, there’s no better time like the present. Read on for tutorial!

Dress your tresses with this fun and simple braided hairstyle.  This easy do it yourself hair braid technique will be sure to add flare to any occasion.

Waterfall Braid | Braided Hairstyles Tutorial

Supplies you will need for your perfect waterfall braid:

  • Comb
  • Hair tie
Supplies are simple, now you have no excuse not to try it!

Step 1: Prep your locks

Though this isn’t necessary, if you have curly hair you might find it easiest to straighten your hair beforehand. Straightening the hair will make the waterfall braid stand out, and you will have less issues with tangling.

Step 2: Beginning the braid

To begin your waterfall braid, gather a section at the front of your hair and split it into three equal parts, just as you would for a regular french braid.

Leave out the bangs if you’ve got em!

Step 3: Cross over

Cross the left strand over the center, and right over the center, just like a regular braid.

Top strand becomes center strand.

Step 4: Time to add extra!

Now, cross the left over the center, and add hair from the top like a french braid.

Now bottom goes to center, just like a regular braid.

Step 5: Abandon the bottom!

Cross the strand you just added hair to (top strand) with the bottom strand, and leave the strand you added to out of the braid.

Add hair to the top strand.
Cross the bottom strand to the center.
Now drop the strand you added to on top, and don’t pick up again!

Step 6: Pick up new hair

Now that you’ve dropped the top piece to the bottom, pick up a new piece from the bottom next to it.

Pick up a section of hair next to the strand you just dropped.

Step 7: Back to the top!

Now you’re repeating Steps 4-6, if it helps to image, think of it like this. “Add to the top, cross, leave the top piece, grab new, add to top, cross, leave the top piece, grab new…”

Just like before, cross the top strand to the center.
Add hair from the top to the section you just crossed.
Cross the bottom strand to the center, and drop the top strand. Forever.
Pick up a new piece next to it.
Cross the top strand to the center, and repeat, repeat, repeat!

Step 8: Finishing up

Now that you’ve found where you want to end your braid, (you can end it anywhere) braid the ends like normal and fasten with a hair elastic. And voila! You have finished your very own waterfall braid.

Braid like normal.


And that’s it for this easy peazy waterfall braid tutorial. Try it out for yourself and let us know how you did!


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