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How To Pull Off A Colored Eyebrows Makeup Look

It’s time to employ a new technique to enhance your look – colored eyebrows. Not as daunting as it sounds, it’s a fresh take on 2020 eye makeup looks.

Arch your back and your brows, these colored eyebrow looks will take your confidence to new heights.

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Colored Eyebrows Because Your Lids Can’t Have All the Fun

Colored Eyebrows in Eye Makeup Looks

1. Pop of Color


Keep your makeup minimal, then glam it all the way up with a rich emerald or luxurious jewel tone. This is best paired with a bit of a nude crease color and a thin eyeliner or tightline. Curl your feathery lashes for a romantic feel, apply thick falsies for a punk look – you’ll turn heads either way.

Smoke out your eyes with a similar shade, black isn’t the smoke-worthy color by the way.

Tip: Eyeshadow will work as great eyebrow makeup.

2. Lustrous Looks


Match your colored eyebrows with your jewelry then head to the ball, queen!

Paint it a deep, true black shade then bring it back to life with tight, micro glitters. Smoke out your eyes to add an air of glamour and mystery. Use brow pomade and powder instead of gels, your glitters won’t clump this way. It will also maintain the smoky texture you have going on on your lids.

3. Brow + Mascara Combo


Your eyebrows and lashes team up to create an edgy and futuristic look, electric blue will charge your high voltage look. Add a dash of finesse with a subtle eyeshadow look, making use of sparse glitters on tan eyeshadow to glam up a look and tone down the vibrant shade.

Tip: Use your colored mascara on your brows. Choose a waxy consistency to keep your lashes lifted and your brows tamed and wild at the same time.

4. Rainbow Colored Eyebrows

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Warm tones on your lids, cool tones on your brows, it’s a perfect match. Extend your eye makeup real estate and include your brows in today’s color palette. Make sure to juxtapose similar tones, beginning with light colors in the inner corners growing darker towards the ends to open up your eyes.

5. Dazzle Them

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Frame the brows that frame your face for an even more striking colored eyebrow look. Place stones on the perimeter of your brows, following the arch and ending at the tail. Secure small stones to reflect the sun, large stones to reflect even the moonlight.

Tip: Don a matching pair of earrings if you’re underwhelmed with the tiny stones you attached, this will emphasize and complement them.

6. Line It and Define It


Cop the look that has been circulating Instagram and Pinterest, paint a white cat eye and define your brows with a standout color. Spidery or feathery lashes will add drama to your theatrical makeup look. Stay away from eyeshadow to keep the power duo on the center stage.

Top off with light blush on stage left and stage right. This look goes well with a refined complexion, no need for supporting actors.

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Match Colored Eyebrows With Your Locks

7. Blend It


Experimented with a daring new hair color but didn’t consider the color contrast to your eyebrows? Browse your eyeshadow palettes and do a shade match. Do your eyebrow make up as usual, then lightly brush on a similar shade with a clean spoolie.

The goal is to lessen the difference between your mane and brows to achieve a barely there color change. A pro tip for beauties that dipped their toes in hair color, but aren’t prepared to take the plunge with colored eyebrows. Check out the next one if you’re ready for a deep dive.

8. Cotton Candy


Get editorial on your whole OOTD and match your mane with your colored eyebrows. The cotton candy palette is perfect for beauties that are fans of experimental looks but not of the Mad Hatter. If pastel tones wash you out, go with deeper hues and tones like rose gold and steel blue, you’ll cop the same effect.

You can never go with light blush and a dash of nude gloss if you’re not sure how to complete the look.

9. Monochromatic Colored Eyebrows


Match your hair to your brows to a tee. Keep it Instagram-worthy and a tinge natural with feathery and gradient brows. Make your followers think you played with your photo’s saturation on Photoshop.

A warm eyeshadow palette, feathery brows, and a bitten lip will make a bold look more romantic. Tightline instead of cat eye to keep it minimal. Save the cat eye for next week’s rock concert.

10. Throw Some Shade


Color just the inner corner of your brows for a surprising touch of color. This will keep your look tame and polished, but a bit of subtle color will add much needed interest. Perfect for beauties that want to experiment with new ways to wear makeup, this could be your new normal.

11. Bleached Beauty


Inspired by our latest article on proper hair bleaching? Cop the bleached brows to match. Treat it as a blank canvas for more color palettes to experiment with, or keep it this way to look fresh all summer long.

Tip: You might want to leave eyebrow bleaching to the professionals, stick to a white eyebrow pencil or crayon for now.

Check out Tina’s makeup tutorial on how to shape and groom your brows at home:

There are less intimidating ways to rock the colored eyebrows trend, and it’s all right here. Rather than shying away from the new and exciting, master the art of color and the multitude of ways you can apply it to makeup. Your lids can’t have all the fun!

Did this get you excited about colored eyebrows? Which color are we starting with? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below.


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