Best Makeup Tutorials from Around the Web

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best makeup tutorials

Find out the best makeup tutorials around the web right here!

Best Makeup Tutorials from Around the Web

There are thousands of makeup tutorials all over the web, but not all of them provide the best makeup tips and advice. That’s why I’ve gathered the best makeup tutorials from around the web to shed some light on everything from basic beauty tips and tricks to how to create the perfect cateye eyeliner look.  So whether you want to learn which lipstick colors are best for your skin type, how to contour properly, how to apply fake eyelashes or find which makeup brushes you should be using this list of the best makeup tutorials is for you!

Beauty Basics:

Before you get into the specifics, here are some beauty basics to get you started. Learn more about these building blocks so you can create the best makeup looks for your face shape, skin tone, and makeup color palette!

How to Determine Your Face Shape

via The Beauty Department

Makeup Tutorials for Your Face Shape | Makeup Tips and Beauty Basics by Makeup Tutorials at

Know your face shape to help determine what makeup you should wear.

How to Find Your Skin Tone

via Agape Love

Makeup Tips and Tricks | Best Makeup Tutorials by Makeup Tutorials at

Use the best products for your skin tone!

Find Your Makeup Color Profile

via DIY & Crafts for Moms

Makeup Tutorials for a Natural Look | Beauty Tips by Makeup Tutorials at

Use the best color palette for you.

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9 Simple Steps to Perfect Makeup


Everyday Makeup Tips for All Skin Types by Makeup Tutorials at

9 Steps to Flawless Makeup

Contour Your Body with Bronzer

via YouBeauty

DIY Contouring and Sunless Tanning Tips by Makeup Tutorials at

Makeup is not just for your face, ladies!


Makeup Tutorials for Your Face:

We all know that ensuring the success of the building blocks of anything requires a good foundation (hence the makeup product name). Get the perfect makeup base for all your looks with these amazing makeup tips and beauty hacks!

How to Make Your Face Look Slimmer

via Makeup Tutorials

Makeup Tutorials for Your Face | DIY Beauty Tips by Makeup Tutorials at

Use these makeup tricks to slim your face.

Contouring and Highlighting Tips for Your Face Shape

via Maskcara

Contouring Tutorials for your Face Shape by Makeup Tutorials at

Get the best contouring tips for your face shape.

How to Correct and Conceal Perfectly

via Blushing Basics

Concealer Tips for Acne | Makeup Ideas by Makeup Tutorials at

Conceal blemishes and spots with this nifty makeup trick!

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Guide to the Best Coverage for You

via YouBeauty

Makeup Tutorial for a Flawless Finish by Makeup Tutorials at

Get a flawless finish with this makeup guide!

Best Blushes for Your Skin Type

via Makeup

Blush Makeup Tutorials and Ideas | Beauty Advice by Makeup Tutorials at

Get the best blush for your skin type.

Blushing Basics

via The Glitter Guide

Makeup Tutorials for How to Apply Blush by Makeup Tutorials at

Learn to use your makeup products to create a beautiful finish!

Makeup Tutorials for Your Eyes:

The eyes are the windows to the soul so keep your eye makeup looking beautiful with these makeup tips & tutorials for everything eye makeup related!

How to Draw A Perfect Cat Eye

via The Beauty Department

Cat Eye Tutorial |Eyeliner Tips and Tricks by Makeup Tutorials at

Get the eyeliner look everyone is after with this tutorial.

Eyeliner through the Ages


Simple Eyeliner Tutorials for Perfect Eyeliner Looks by Makeup Tutorials at

Choose your favorite decade to create a signature look.

How to Do Eye Makeup for Your Eye Shape

via Indulgy

Eye Makeup Tips | Best Eyeliner and Eyeshadow Tips by Makeup Tutorials at

Learn how to get the best looks for your eye shape.

13 Best Eyeshadow Tutorials for Brown Eyes

via Makeup Tutorials

Eyeshadow Tutorials for Brown Eyes by Makeup Tutorials at

Make your brown eyes shine with these makeup tutorials.

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How to Tightline Eyes

via Beautylish

Eyeliner Tips and Tricks for A Perfect Tightline Eyeliner Look by Makeup Tutorials at

Use this method of eyeliner application to make your eyes stand out!

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

via Beautylish

How to Apply False Eyelashes | Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks by Makeup Tutorials at

Create a lengthier look by applying false lashes the right way.

How to Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer and Thicker

via The Makeup Chair

Eye Makeup Hacks | How to Get Longer Lashes by Makeup Tutorials at

Use this makeup tip to get longer looking lashes without applying false lashes.

Easy On-The-Go Eyeshadow

via Jessica Marie Makeup

Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Eye Makeup Tips by Makeup Tutorials at

Use this easy everyday look for a beautiful on-the-go finish

Romantic Eyeshadow Tutorial for Any Eyeshadow Colors

via The Drugstore Princess

Eyeshadow Tutorial for Everyday Makeup Looks by Makeup Tutorials at

Use this eyeshadow tutorial with any mix of colors to create a romantic look.

Makeup Tutorials for Your Lips:

Show off your smackers with these handy makeup tips to create the best lip looks on the internet. Whether you’re looking for tips to make your lips look bigger, want to know how to create an ombre lip effect, or want to learn how to make your lipstick last all day we’ve got the lip tutorials for you!

Plump Up Your Lips 5 Ways

via MakeupTutorials

Lipstick Tutorial for Thin Lips | Natural Lip Plumping Tips by Makeup Tutorials at

Use these 5 natural lip plumping methods to get fuller looking lips!


How to Fake Fuller Lips

via Cosmopolitan

Easy Makeup Hacks for Faking Bigger Lips by Makeup Tutorials at

Use makeup to fake fuller lips in minutes.

How to Do an Ombre Lip

via Makeup Tutorials

Ombre Lipstick Tutorial | Makeup Tricks and Hacks by Makeup Tutorials at

Create some drama in your look with this lipstick tutorial.

Best Lipstick Palette for Every Skin Tone

via Gloss 48

Best Lipstick Colors for Your Skin Type by Makeup Tutorials at

Get the perfect pout for your skin color with this lipstick color chart.

Makeup Tutorials for Your Brows:

Eyebrow makeup and shaping is very significant in the everyday beauty routine. Learn the best eyebrow shape for your face, how to apply eyebrow makeup and eyebrow shaping techniques with this DIY eyebrow threading tutorial.

Reshape Your Brows

The Beauty Department

Eyebrow Makeup Tips and Tricks by Makeup Tutorials at

Use this tutorial to train your brows to grow in the direction of your choice.

Best Brows for Your Face Shape

via Your Beauty Blog

Eyebrow Shaping Tutorial | DIY Eyebrow Plucking Tips by Makeup Tutorials at

Before using tweezers find your face shape to find the best brow shape for you.

DIY Eyebrow Threading

via Skinvac

DIY Eyebrow Shaping Tips | Eyebrow Makeup by Makeup Tutorials at

Use this eyebrow shaping technique in lieu of plucking.

How to Use Eyebrow Stencils

via The Wonder Forest

Eyebrow Makeup Tips | Eyebrow Stencil Ideas by Makeup Tutorials at

Get a perfect brow every time by using stencils

How to Fill in Your Brows

via Trending Dress

Eyebrow Makeup Tutorials for Beginners by Makeup Tutorials at

Fill in your brows with this makeup tutorial.

Makeup Brushes Basics:

How to Clean and Store Your Makeup Brushes

via Makeup Tutorials

How to Clean Makeup Brushes | DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial by Makeup Tutorials at

Keep your makeup brushes spiffy and clean with this DIY cleaning tutorial.

Makeup and Makeup Brushes Storage Ideas

via You’re So Pretty

Awesome Makeup Storage Tips | DIY Organization Ideas by Makeup Tutorials at

Keep your makeup and makeup accessories in order with these awesome organizers.

Makeup Brushes 101

via Sparkle and Mine

Makeup Brushes 101 | Best Makeup Brush Sets by Makeup Tutorials at

Know how to use each brush in your collection.

Best Makeup Brushes for Your Eyeliner

via Kirei Makeup

Best Makeup Brushes for Eyeliner Makeup by Makeup Tutorials at

These eyeliner brushes will perfect your eye makeup looks.

It’s only a few things to remember to get the best out of your makeup look. What do you think? Do you have any more tips in mind?

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