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How To Do An Ombre Lip | Makeup Tutorials

The ombre lip trend is still pretty popular, and you don’t have to be a makeup guru to do this. It’s actually easier than you might think, all you need are two complementary lipsticks and a lip pencil!

Follow the steps below to try out this cool style!

How To Do An Ombre Lip

Step 1.

Moisturize the lip – apply petroleum jelly or lip balm.

Step 2.

Apply a light medium face powder all over the lip to cancel any redness or pigments.

Step 3.

Outline the lips with a lip liner (of your choice).  Take your time and keep the lines as even as possible.

Step 4.

Press your lips together and blend the lip liner – just keep on shading.

 Step 5.

Apply a matte lip cream on the areas without a shade and then press the lips together (lightly).  Then re-apply the matte lip cream to create a blend of two shades.

Step 6.

Outline the lips again to correct any uneven areas when the lip cream was applied. And dab the middle of lips to blend the two shades.

Step 7.

(Optional) Outline the sides with concealer to clean the area.


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