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Easy Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes anyone? Well, today we’re calling all blue-eyed beauties. Believed by the scientist as the only eye color with having to be associated with one ancestor. Today we provide some eye shadow tips for pretty blue eyes.

With the right makeup, there should be no problem in making those blue eyes pop! With this tutorial, we used a neutral eyeshadow shade to enhance those beautiful blue eyes -even if they are already beautiful on their own!


Step 1.

Brush the gold shade on the entire eyelid. Pat it on the eye and slightly on the crease.

TIP 1: Warm browns and Gold enhances the brown eyes more because it is the opposite of blue and will help the eye stand out.


TIP 2: Place a shade on the lower lash line right where the pupil is.



Step 2.

With the same brush take the burgundy color then apply it to the crease of the eye – slightly above the eyelid, working it back and forth. Then with a clean brush start removing any harsh lines.


Step 3.

Work the lower lash line with a warm dark brown shade. Then highlight the inner corner of the eyes with a light shimmery shade. For more definition apply eyeliner to the lower and upper lash line then blend.

Step 4.

Curl your lashes and Mascara. Use a really black mascara to help your eyes stand out more.




Products used in this tutorial:



That’s it for our eye-shadow tips for blue eyes.

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