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5 Wonderful Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

Curly hair totally differs from straight hair, styling and managing it can be a total challenge. It requires various techniques, endless passion, and patience. Determining the type of treatment and right hair cut are the two main components of styling short curly hair. With proper styling and hair care products like mousse or natural oil, short curly hair can look effortlessly beautiful.


Short Curly Hair Styling Ideas: Time to Tame Those Curls!

Don’t get too disappointed if you find your short curly hair all over the place and uncoordinated. Just so you know, it signifies edge, confidence, and sexiness.. oh la la. All you have to do is grab some few hair accessories, a comb, some leave-in conditioner, then follow these style tips!

1. Free Flowing Curls with bangs

In order to achieve this look, you will need a leave-in conditioner, wide-toothed comb, a blow dryer, and a flat iron. After washing your hair, gently remove the excess water using a towel. Apply a leave-in conditioner and comb it once. Dry it in low setting using a blow dryer to prevent frizzing. Then flat iron your bangs until you achieve that Anne Hathaway look in the movie the Devil Wears Prada. You could put on a headband to keep the curls separated from the bangs.

2. Clipped in Place

This is an easy styling tip that will only take about 10 minutes tops – suitable for those in a hurry. Apply a conditioner or mousse on freshly washed curls then blow dry it completely. Separate the hair into two sections in the middle or to the side. Pull each side of the hair to the back of the ears then secure them with strong clips. Once the hair is in place, use a hairspray for further hold.  This look is even sexier if paired with beautiful jewelry pieces .

3. The Sexy Curls Ponytail

Gather all your hair to either side of the head then gently shake it to loosen the curls. Tie it with an elastic band and finish the look with a shine spray. This look works best on unwashed curls because of its natural texture. The next time you want to look effortlessly sexy, all you gotta do is this updo.

4. The Neat Curly Updo


This short curly hair styling tip also requires unwashed locks. Grab a wide toothed comb, a curl enhancing mousse, and an elastic band. Pull all the hair on the top of your head then tie with an elastic band,use your fingers to pull some of the hair giving it a messy look.  Apply curl enhancing mousse on the ends to define the curls. This will give definition to your face and will certainly get the attention of the people around you.

5. The “Rihanna-Miley Cyrus” Fusion

This style is for those who are edgy and strong enough to embrace this liberating hair-do. For best results, you must seek a help from a trusted salon since there will be a shaving involved in this procedure. To rock this look, you can also try changing the color of your short curly hair.


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