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Don’t Miss These Posts On Makeup Tutorials…

1. How To Perfectly Match Your Hairstyle & Dress

Seasons may change and fashion trends may evolve, but there’s one thing that remains constant—hairstyle. The best and only way for you to look your best every single time is to know the trick of how to match hair and dresses the right way. Once you know the tricks, you’ll never leave home feeling less confident about your look… Click to read more

2. Trend Alert: Blush Draping Makeup Tutorial

Draping is officially the new cool trend in makeup. It popped up on the fashion runways a few months ago, and since then many makeup gurus have adopted the trend. Read on as we show you some great ways to try draping, plus tutorial! Click to read more

3. 8 Simple and Fresh Look For Women With Rosacea

Many women suffer from the inflammatory skin disease called Rosacea. This disease is characterized by bumps, redness and blemishes that resemble the look of pimples. Since we are living in an image conscious world, people suffering from this diseases encounter detrimental effects that goes beyond the physical. The appearance of rosacea can surely lower the self esteem and confidence of a person… Click to read more

Hairstyles are constantly changing and evolving, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. The great thing about hair is that you can switch it up to suit your style or mood, but just in case you’re running out of ideas we have 10 great trending options to consider… Click to read more

5. 16 Photos That Prove Women With Freckles Are Beautiful

Gone are the days when freckles need concealers. More women are sporting and celebrating them, and these include the following images that prove they’re awesome and beautiful… Click to read more

6. 25 More Awesome Makeup Dupes

agged as the identical twins of spotlight foundation. With both products promising that flawlessly fine complexion. Their only difference is that seemingly higher price of Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation… Click to read more


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