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16 Graduation Makeup Tutorials You Can Wear with Confidence

Look fabulous on your graduation day with these graduation makeup tutorials.

16 Easy Graduation Makeup Tutorials

Graduation is a very important day for you, for your family and your friends. With that said,  there’s no excuse not to look your best on this special occasion. Without further ado, here’s the perfect graduation makeup tutorials to practice to get your ideal grad look:

1. Simple Smokey Eye Graduation Look


A smokey eye looks fantastic for graduation events, especially for the celebratory party afterwards. You can never go wrong with going for a simple graduation look. As they say, simple is pretty and that’s you!

2. Flirty Flushed Cheeks

How to Do Fresh Makeup for Graduation | Graduation Makeup Tutorials by

If you like the pretty and natural look, this one is for you. There’s no shame in blushing throughout your graduation day. You’re so happy that you’re entering a new chapter in your life. Get this flirty flushed cheeks look and look pretty and fresh the entire day!

via: Cosmopolitan

3. Super Elegant Graduation Look


Go natural to achieve this elegant look. It’s the day to look elegant for the culmination of your studying years. This super elegant makeup tutorial should do the trick.

4. Classic Smokey Eyes

How to Do Smokey Eyes for Brown Eyes | Graduation Makeup Tutorials by

Go a little bit bolder with this smokey eye look. Simple is really not your thing, and you’re known to be the bold kind of student in school. Look the part with this classic smokey eye makeup on your graduation day.

via Maryan Marquillage

5. All Natural Graduation Look

How to Get the Natural Look for Blue Eyes | Graduation Makeup Tutorials by

Go natural on the eyes and face for graduation. Some women just really like to tone it down a lot on graduation day. This all natural look is just purr-fect!

via My Makeup Ideas

6. Blue Smokey Eyes


Try something new with blue smokey eyes. Love the smokey eyes but do not want your look to be too bold or edgy? This blue smokey eye makeup is perfect for you!

7. Eye-Enlarging Makeup

How to Make Eyes Look Bigger | Graduation Makeup Tutorials by

This eye-enlarging makeup tutorial applies to any occasion. Time to make your beautiful eyes pop brightly.


8. Kendall Jenner Makeup


Ok, before you react, this is really a good one–not the ramp or ad model kind of makeup. The silver eyeshadow makes for a soft look. Just try it out and see if the soft look is great on you.

9. Classy Graduation Makeup


Wanna go with a classy look on your graduation day? This easy tutorial should get you ready in no-time. Look classy without spending hours doing your makeup.

via Ana Victorino-Youtube

10. Classic Graduation Makeup for Beginners

Easy DIY Makeup for Graduation | Graduation Makeup Tutorials by

Even non-makeup experts can get the right look on graduation. Are you makeup novice? Have no fear, this classic graduation makeup step-by-step tutorial will guide you all throughout.

via Project Vanity

11. Pretty Graduation Makeup


Look bubbly and pretty in this graduation look. This pretty graduation makeup will get you all dolled up. Don’t forget those faux eyelashes now.

12. Graduation Makeup for Tan Skin

Natural Makeup for Dark Skin | Graduation Makeup Tutorials by

There is no one-kind of graduation makeup look for everyone. For all the tan skinned ladies out there, this one is for you.


13. Perfect Grad Makeup

Pretty and Easy Graduation Makeup | Graduation Makeup Tutorials by

My friends, it can’t get any easier than this. This 3-step graduation makeup tutorial will make you look pretty in jippy!


14. Grad Makeup for Asian Eyes

How to Do Graduation Makeup for Asian Eyes | Graduation Makeup Tutorials by

Asian eyes can be a challenge to work with when it comes to makeup. But, this makeup tutorial will prettify you for your big day. Make those small eyes pop with this perfect makeup tutorial.

via Marjsia

15. Asian Beauty Makeup with Red Lips

How to Do Makeup for Asians with Dark Skin | Graduation Makeup Tutorials by Makeup Tutorials by

Asians can rock orange red lips on graduation. If you’re Asian, know that you don’t have to hide behind simple makeup. In this tutorial, you will learn how to look your best on your graduation day and work that red lips!

via The Beauty Department

16. The No-Makeup Look


Not every graduating student loves makeup. So, here’s something to freshen up your face without looking all made up.

graduation makeup tutorials | 16 Graduation Makeup Tutorials You Can Wear with Confidence

Let us know which of these graduation makeup tutorials is your favorite!