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How To Properly Care For Your Nails | Makeup Tutorials

Don’t you know that your overall well-being starts with your nails?

Do you know how to properly take care of them? Do you think that frequent manicures and nail polish are not harming your nails? So to avoid ruining your beloved nails here are tips on how to properly care for your nails.

Your nails need pampering too.  As you don’t want to show around dry and brittle nails!

How To Properly Care For Your Nails

1. Vitamins.

Biotin, Iron, Zinc, and B12.  Those are the 3 vitamins that you need to look at as they will help strengthen, clear and heal inflammation of cuticles.


2. Avoid Biting Nails.

We all know that this is pretty tempting especially if there skin or nails that are hanging loose. With our hands being the most used body part by biting we are prone to contacting bacterias.


3. Nail Polish Stain.

The culprit to yellow nails after polish? Iron oxides, commonly known as “rust” – that’s found in corroding cars and the likes.  And to remedy your nails polish stain check this nail hack from wackylaki.


4. Hangnails Cure.

On the contrary hangnails are not part of our fingernails. They are as according to Stedman’s Medical Dictionary are the dry, sometimes brittle triangular-shaped tags of skin around your fingernails that can tear off. Check out julep‘s Cuticle Cure For Hangnails.


5. Manicure.

Always have your manicure done even without polish. A well manicured nails will not only look good it will leave your nails healthier.  No need to go to a salon to have this done. Follow this Manicure 101 by dailymakeover for your well cared nails.


6. Moisturize.

Now that winter is coming, our nails and cuticles are prone to being dry and brittle. Helznguyen solution to dryness is this Hot Oil manicure for nourishment.


7. Protect Your Nails.

We can’t avoid chores and the least we can do is protect our nails and our hands – wear GLOVES! Remember that household cleaners and all cleaning agents contain chemicals that might be harmful to our nails and hands.


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