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Makeup Tutorials | Waterproof Your Makeup

Does hot and humid weather deter you from wanting to put makeup on?

Does this hinder your ability to do your makeup? Are you going to a tropical country for your much awaited vacay but don’t intend to bring your makeup kit because you think it isn’t necessary? Would you like to look more fabulous without melting? My dear friends you are on the right track! Check this post out for fabulous tips on water-proofing your makeup.

Waterproof your makeup!


Step 1.

Prime your face. This will help in controlling your face oil and will help the makeup hold onto something. Thus making the makeup last longer. Then dab a small amount of concealer onto the face (Remember less is more!)


Step 2.

Time to fill in the brows –  use an eyebrow corrector to fill in the spaces of your brows.  Use a brow corrector with a wax content as this will hold longer. (Then use the leftover corrector to highlight the nose).


Step 3.

Always use an eye primer (yes, again to make your makeup hold onto something).  Now moving on with the eyeliner – choose the one with wax, not only will it stay longer but wax is also insoluble to water. With the eyeshadow again to waterproof –  choose a cream or wax base shadows or you may use powder eyeshadows but make sure that your lids are properly primed.


Step 4.

Upper Lid Eyeliner.  Use a waterproof gel liner – a waterproof gel liner should be the best option but if you want to make sure that it’ll last in the water you may opt for an eyeliner coat or sealer. Curl your lashes then add tons of waterproof mascara.  If you can’t help but not put fake lashes choose the one that’s waterproof and odour free.


Step 5.

Finally! For finishing touches! The Blush! Choose a blush that can withstand the heat and last on the water.  Protect the lips with a lip balm then put on the lip gloss/tint. Then put a setting spray then you are good to go!


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